SC5000 + X1800 + Loop machine + Keyboard

I made this performance in few hours. Everything is live as always and all the sounds comes straight from the mixer. I used the SC just for a kick drum loop and the vocal, and i thanks Denon DJ because again makes the difference. Without the SC5000 I would have had to use two players and complicate everything. I hope everyone is doing well. I am locked at home since one month, and probably i lost my job too. Stay safe my friends. Everything will be fine soon.


Thats awesome Ethan :pray:

Sorry to hear bout your job :pensive: All the best to you and you loved ones!!!

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The mix is as always perfect! You use 120% of every gear!

Your job - That’s very bad, feeling sorry about it…

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Love all your videos Ethan. That’s awful news about your Job dude. Hopefully This will all pass by summer. Stay save out there in the meantime.

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