SC5000 Won’t Power on

My SC5000’s and X1800 are just over 3 months old. They are set up in my Studio, and aren’t moved gigged etc. On the odd spare hour they get fired up for a mix, and that’s been very rare since owning them. At a guess; i would say they have had less than 10 hours use. Today I had said free hour, and went to have a play but one unit (SC5000) doesn’t switch on; nothing. I have tried using different power sockets, and used the lead from the unit that does power up, and still nothing. Is there anything trouble shooting wise I can do? Is this common with these units?


Contact service, this doesn’t look like a thing to be repaired by a user.

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Nothing you can do about this

Give service a call and an email and another call then another email and another call and another email.

They’re amazing when you get through and get a call logged but, according to members on here, it seems there’s a lot of “we didn’t get your email” or “you must have entered your reply email address wrong as we did reply to you” . Good people, possibly over zealous anti-span settings?

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Never had an issue with support from Denon. One email, replay in 24h max.

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A quick forum search shows that your experience is far from the norm. Have a search for “support” and in amongst the handful of good comments are an utter wash of really poor support experiences.

Nope, You are so wrong. No one pays me for this. When I had an issue, it was solved very fast.

There certainly seems to be a lot of support problem with Denon DJ. Not only a few months ago or a year ago but recent like last few days.

Chiming in! Denon DJ has been super awesome to me with support issues! I hope they get you fixed up because three months is a bummer for sure.

I think the first port of call should be the retailer not Denon per se.

On each customer support site you’ll see more negative than positive comments.

On each customer review site you’ll see more positive than negative comments.

My support experience was also positive. Got an SC5000 and X1800 replaced for new ones 2 years ago.

Hey mate,

Did you get through to Denon, and what did they advise if you did? I have the same issue. Starts to power up, all the lights stay on but the touch display doesn’t illuminate. My other player was sent back last week for a dodgy link port! Both 8 weeks old and looked after well. Am really starting to worry about build quality on these players now and tempted to cut my losses and go back to pioneer. Is it worth sticking at it with these as the issues are rackin up! From the above, to poor jog wheels, erratic to poor sound quality, shabby software…