SC5000 - Waveform error


After sorting out the grounding issue, the other player is now acting up… sporadically the wave form display is behind the audio… a good 4 seconds… anyone experienced this? (using spdif into rane mp2015)

I’m on the latest firmware (not beta)… it ■■■■■…as there ALWAYS seems to be something with this gear!

Any advice please :slight_smile:

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also hit up gumtree if anyone wants to buy my x1800 mixer and decksaver (6 month old)

I’m in the selling my prime gear phase too. And some of the reasons aren’t the fault of the gear.

I’ve been reading more and more “I contacted denon DJ support and they won’t call me back”. Now, I’ve not needed to call them or email them and I know slagging off a company’s support team is an easy troll target as customer want to feel safe IF they ever needed that and it’s not happening now, and hasn’t been happening for over a year as I went through old posts.

Going through old posts here I’ve also lost another customer feeling. The feeling good about my purchase. I don’t believe a lot of the negative posts I read here or elsewhere, so called facts, figures and graphs are too easy to mock up and I put a lot of it down to trolling or show-offs in their “You all day it’s perfect, I can make you a little graph that says it isn’t” - I don’t believe these but some of my DJ friends read that rubbish, which really needs to be moderated, then my friends use that mid-info to criticise my purchase and the gear itself.

Also, focus. I feel denon dj have lost focus. We’ve seen no real movement on improvement on standalone performance. But misfocused effort it seems on midi. If I wanted a midi controller, I’d have spent 200 bucks on a midi controller not 1100 bucks on a standalone. Serato has come to Prime 4 and sc5000m, in a better way than the sc5000 got bit now that’s started the “what about midi for Traktor” and I’m sure the “what about x y and z software midi control”.

These were pushed as premium standalone units. At the moment, all things considered, I’d rate them as somewhere between mediocre and high quality.

I’m not deaf or blind to the posts about “we’ve got a new New Zealand team” and I appreciate that it takes time to get new staff working and interacting well together, but it seems we’ve seen sod all standalone improvement from the formation of this new New Zealand team.

These prime units could be far better than they are and I’m fed up of the “wait wait it’s jam tomorrow for everyone”. Forget any more midi until you get the standalone loved, stop the rot - the people who say these are ■■■■ because their test program says so, they’re not doing you or me any favours they’re only feeding their own ego. Get SOMETHING good out for standalone for firmware and get a more user-friendly version of engine Prime out too. Engine Prime and standalone have both suffered coz of midi and finally get something sorted on support. It’s getting a worse image day by day - all of these points just weaken denon dj and I don’t think it’s wholely deserved.

Re-analyse the faulty tracks - it is the analysis error.

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thank you, will do all of them, as I cant remember which!