SC5000 vs SC5000M Bundle

Hello there! I am Just wondering about getting the sc5000m settupboundle. But i never used vinyl or spinning playters, im used to cdj and pioneer controller, but im fasinated by denon’s prime setup and i want to upgrade my home setup.

Since i am not familiar with the denon’s i wanted to go with the Sc5000 but due to the bundle that is out Now i could save some money if i go for the 5000m.

Any inputs from any of you guys if you think the M is for me?

I bought the sc5000 and after trying the m i canceled my order and changed to the m that is how much better they felt to me. I’m still new at the digital dj thing but I love these players.

I have both. Normal and motorised SC5000’, and I end up playing the M’s much more often. More fun.

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