Sc5000 screen freezing when in controller mode

So I was using my sc5000s at weekend with Serato DJ both decks were connected in controller mode in conjunction with a Rane 72 mixer. They were running fine for a little while then the centre screen freezes on both decks anyone experienced this and is there any fix.

Is this a common issue and will it be addressed in firmware update or Serato DJ update ?? The text function ok when this happens so there’s no problem with them controlling the software just no feedback from the screen even when you load different track screen just stays stuck

Hi @James9112, thank you for sharing this.

The first option here to trouble shoot is the USB cables and hub (if used), do you have a different set to try?

Also are the players on 1.3.1 and Serato the latest version?

Thank you


The Rane 72 has built in hub and been using Neo/Oyaide D+ USB 2.0 Cabes the firmware on the SC5000 is latest along with Serato DJ .

Any ideas ??

Seems it’s an issue of dj software having three screens to service with info at the same time

This has been a known issue with the 72 for quite some time now. Some were able to get it working by connecting all three devices directly to laptop without a hub.

The 72 mixer has USB inputs all devices running through the 72 then to the laptop I found this the best method as my computer only has 2 USB ports .

I tested the players again today and they seem to work so I’m not sure whether you need to change the order which you connect devices

Today connected 72 mixer and launched Serato.

Then rebooted players into controller mode selected which Deck each player was controlling this seemed to run fine but I need to play with them for a couple of hours worst case scenario it will be something I will have to live with but I’m hoping this is something that can be addressed either with a Serato update or firmware update for the sc5000,s

my main reason for using Serato DJ nowadays is because of the integrated tidal streaming service but if this is stable with the denon primes it could potentially make my laptop obsolete.

I will be only using it for analysing