SC5000 says WIFI is disabled when it's enabled

Updated both my SC5000s, one works flawlessly, while the other claims WIFi is turned off when it’s on.

Things I tried: Flashing back to 1.3.1 and back to 4 Toggling wifi, restarting multiple configurations Ethernet cable straight to my modem - Tidal won’t connect

  • Product: SC5000

  • Beta Version: 1.4

  • Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Start up unit
  2. Go to WiFi
  • Expected Result: Shows WIFI networks

  • Actual Result: “WIFI is currently disabled. To see available networks, first enable WIFI”

  • Reproducibility: All the time

  • Additional Notes: Tried Ethernet cable to the modem, tidal won’t connect, so looks like issue isn’t isolated to wifi.

@Anzorb which exact beta of 1.4?

@addie 1.4 Beta 2

Hi Anzorb, Having the same problem but in my case the player doesn’t connect via Wi-Fi, but works by ethernet… Good to know that I’m not the only one having issues with the Wi-Fi in the SC5000!