Sc5000 prime or sc5000m prime


I wanna get new denon set but What is the difference between the two models and Which model is better. Sc5000 prime or sc5000m prime!


I thought you used the SC5000 whilst touring as a Denon ambassador not long ago?


kradcliffe - Evil… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Well, @Tiesto… One is with spinning platters, the other is without.


It might be the real one and he’s lost his memory …

In some countrys then name “Tiesto” could be as family as “Peter” so more than one should be understood.

The differences to 5000 or 5000m are the M has motor platter but he miss the platter color display for album art or vanity DJ logo.

A buying different thing too. In two day ago denon start special offer of if you buys two 5000m then you get amazing denon x1800 digital mixer free free free!!! That’s over €1200 mixer free.

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This! I’m vain enough that having my logo in front of me (where no-one else can see) is definitely not worth a £1200 mixer!