SC5000 Prime 4 combo

What is the best way to setup up a SC5000 along with Prime 4 I currently have a cat5 running from SC5000 to Prime 4 and I am able to share library. However digital music doesn’t pass to the prime 4 unless I plug in analog cable to channel 3 or 4 on prime. Also FX are not assignable to channels 3 n 4… what am I doing wrong or is this simply a limitation as of now. And a suggestion for feature request would be to have the ability to route external prime units via network to channel 3 n 4 and have the waveforms from that source display on prime 4 screen for better visual beat matching

Hi @JohnnyMoon, welcome to the forum.

Prime4 doesn’t have a digital input, so you need to connect the line output on the SC. Furthermore, the line inputs don’t have FX.

Basically he wants to use SC5000 as overpriced controllers for Prime 4’s deck B and D.

And all I want is a simple cup holder on the units… :frowning:

Now if it were possible to plug in a couple of SC2000s…


Maybe Denon will bring out an SC4000 (two 2000s side by side). Give them about five years.