SC5000 Play/pause not responding


I have a problem with my Denon SC5000. Sometimes the Play/Payse button does not respond, the track seems frozen. This often happens when I try to start a song with the jogwheel : when I release it the song doesn’t start even if the play mode is on. Then the play button doesn’t work for few seconds. I have taken a video to show the problem :

Thank you very much for your help :pray:

Hello @Reuil, Welcome to the forum. As I told You on Facebook already, this has nothing to do with the play button. You can clearly see the jog is reading a touch (white light on the jog). This is known and its due to bad grounding (electrical grounding). You need to check with another power source (different room, house) to see if it gets better. If not then the jog is too sensitive. Don’t touch the jog wheel during player startup as it is calibrating the touch sensitivity then.

Thank you for your answer. I’m locked down in a different house than mine, but the problem has been present in both houses. I’ll be careful not to touch the jogwheel during the startup, but if the problem persists what else could I do ? I don’t have any bill of the player because I bought it from second hand. The warranty could work anyway ?

Thank you for your help

The insufficient ground problem usually only occurs as a premature trigger as your hand nears the platter when the unit is ungrounded. Simply not putting the hand OVER the jog when you’re in an ungrounded venue and bending should be enough to mitigate it to use the units. The issue with the random flicker appears related to some kind of internal contact issue of the jogs completely unrelated to your power outlet grounding. You might want to try physically reseating the jog in the spindle and see if that helps. Also, make sure you also touch the back grounding screw to see if that improves the situation or not. If it doesn’t, then it’s also not the electrical plug. Obviously make sure the film is off the platter. And lastly, don’t forget to try disabling vinyl mode to see if it goes away. Some people have stutter issues with playback in early firmwares that’s not touch. Hopefully InMusic will lengthen the minimum time the ring goes white in future firmwares so we can better narrow down when this happens and what’s causing it, because sometimes it does flicker too fast quite to see.