SC5000 not working with Rane Seventy Two and Serato DJ Pro

  1. Connect 72 to laptop via USB

  2. Connect 1 or 2 Denon SC5000 (I have two)

  3. Start Serato DJ Pro 2.0.3/2.0.4

  4. Switch Denon SC5000 to controller mode (firmware 1.2), assign Serato decks.

  5. Play music on a deck in Serato

  6. Rane Seventy Two becomes unresponsive, switches to 3rd performance pad mode, Screen freezes, faders become unresponsive, knobs on mixer unresponsive.

  7. Work around: None

  8. Exit Serato DJ Pro,

  9. shut down computer,

  10. disconnect SC5000,

  11. Use Turntable with timecode vinyl with 72 = works as expected no issues

  12. Use Transport mode of 72 = works as expected, no issues

  13. 72 with SC5000 again = unuseable

  14. Tested extensively on both MacOS and Windows 10 PC and the results are reproducible.

  15. Tested with DJM S9 and it works

  16. Tested with just one SC5000 connected directly to laptop. That does not work as well

  17. 5000 on firmware 1.2

  18. Serato DJ on 2.0.3 and 2.0.4

  19. Tried different combo as well e.g. 72 on before 5000 and vice versa, same result, not working

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