SC5000 MIDI mapping and Rekordbox

Hello Has anyone tried or have any luck connecting and midi mapping an sc5000 to Rekordbox and a Macbook pro running Big Sur m1 chip. My attempt was not successful it just hangs in searching for a computer to connect to but the MIDI option becomes available in rekordbox. any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @tmena Welcome to the forum

Display will not start in computer mode, unless it receives a specific signal, that is not midi. The control surface is midi mappable in any software and will work. Some time ago I made a midi mapping for Traktor Pro 3, that works till today very good, including led feedback. Only issue is, that screen is treated as a completely separate device, so it needs it’s own driver and specific signals to work.

I don’t know how it is with Mac’s with M1, but on intel should not be a problem to map it. As for Rekordbox side - I don’t have a performance version, so I can’t make a mapping. Maybe someone in my area would have that option, so I could build a mapping for rekordbox and SC5000…?

Yeah I’m figuring it’s the OS since only Serato has been able to connect via Mac. If you come up with any please reach out. I haven’t been able to get the player to get past the searching for computer. Although I’ve noticed the midi mapping becomes available on rekordbox but past that nothing else. Unless it’s user error and I’m making a mistake that’s not obvious to me.

If Your computer does not send a signal to trigger the screen ON (only Serato and VDJ do it for now), than it will always show “Looking for Computer” text on the display. To send data to the display, You need specific commands, and these are not available to us (users). As I say, only Serato and Virtual Dj for now can trigger the display on SC series media players.

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The decks are not working in big sur m1 I tried it already. I don’t think the firmware updaters work either. Engine prime works though.

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Thanks so much for the info Guys.

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I updated big sur to the latest on my m1 Mac.

MIDI from my sc5000m + x1850 works now.

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From an ex Recordbox user I’d say stop trying to map any controller to rekordbox. Unless you don’t want jogwheels I wouldn’t bother.

Rekordbox has deliberately taken away the ability to map jog wheels and has limited maps for users. Hacks are needed to accomplish with adjusting some code, can be found on YT.

Also as an experienced traktor mapper you can map every function in the software but traktors protocol won’t activate the screen or motorised controllers (s4mk3 exception).

Tbh virtual dj has nailed it but at £300 it’s a bit pricy. Try a free software called mixxx that you can map but again no screens…