Sc5000 media player firmware update

I have a mac book so downloaded the mas osx updater plugged in via usb to my player, selected update in utilities Its saying “Prime sc5000 not recognised” wont go any further help cheers. In the excitement i did rush a bit. I see the user guide page 9 section 4 it mention connection to a computer to send & recieve MIDI messages. But on the computer screen using the mc osx updater downloaded form denon dj just says connect to a usb. it just wasnt clear unitl i tried the usb c two days later. Maybe ammend user guide. I did read it. Only trying to improve things. paul-denondj staff & Reese ( * Do not use swearing or d!$gu!$sed swearing.)

Your post title is somewhat mis-spelt and an epic fail seems exaggerated Mark… however, please give us more info here so we can help. Mac OS? Have you tried different USB ports… cables?

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Sorry, but on page 9 of the manual it clearly states what to connect: “USB Port to PC (USB OUT)”.

Like the “platter foil still on” in your other post, it seems you perhaps needed to take more time with the SC. If you have an X1800 also, then RTFM please. :nerd_face::sunglasses:

Page 9 ill have a look but already found the foil. It was put on really well just didn’t see it… page 9 rear panel section 4 USB port to pc (usb out) do you mean that part about midi… this connection receives MIDI messages to and from a computer?

It’s the port to connect to a pc. Everything related to a pc is on this port. For instance MIDI.

All the other usb ports are for connecting storage.

I have my iMac connected to my X1800 via one of the two ports on the top of the mixer, works perfectly that way. Have you tried that?