Sc5000 mapping in virtual dj

is there someone who knows how to mapping the denon sc5000 in to virtual dj ???

Hi Mike.

There is a mapping available for pro users on the VDJ website but i believe it has limited functionality.

The screens (main and jog) are “not supported” - but there is also an SC5000 screen skin available.

Some people have been lucky enough to get VDJ working with the Prime 4, before Denon complained, so with a bit of comparison and some alterations it might just be possible.

If I had an SC5000 I’d give it a try…

The Prime 4 skin is a tidy job.

OK so I just did a quick comparison between the working and non-working Prime 4 mapping - and the difference is tiny.

The SC5000 mapping seems to have the ‘difference part’ in place, so it ought to work (given the required DLL files).

Hi Revan I don’t find it on the webside of VDJ , the olnly thing i find is comming soon , thanks for the info.

You download from within VDJ (assuming you have a Pro license).