Sc5000/M BeatGrid Issues

Hi there,

So I’ve just purchased these beauties and so far so awesome. One thing though, probably an easy fix(hopefully) when putting by hardcore tracks into engine 90% go half bpm. Now, I know how to adjust that, it’s not an issue. The problem I have is after doing this the beat grid starts off fine but slowly drifts out, obviously the BPM is either to fast or slow and it gets away from itself. I know you can adjust the BPM in the Engine software but I don’t want to go through all my tracks and figure out the exact BPM if I can help it, is there a way of doing it on the fly from the player?



Hi @Mentalmorg / Gareth, welcome to the forum!

BPM detection in general, but also on high speed tracks is something that’s being worked on. You’ll just need to wait a tiny bit longer for an upcoming firmware and software.

Nice Reece! Just have to do it the old fashioned way and mix by ear! :pleading_face: more fun that way anyway.

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