Sc5000 jogwheel issue

Is there anything that can be done to change the sensitivity of the sc5000 jogwheel. Mine is not sensitive enough! If I want to rewind the jog or stop it I have to use multiple fingers towards the centre of the wheel. I have seen videos whete other users appear to be able to use one finger on the outer edge of jogwheel to stop or rewind the jogwheel. Any other users having this issue. I love these players, its only a minor gripe but it would be good to know if tnis can be improved in anyway.

Have you still got the see thru films on the platters or any stick-on skins on the platters? If so, remove them for better sensitivity.

Other than that, check your Earth/grounding as that affects the touch sense

Also, switching the 5000 on with anything already on the platter, like some headphones or a hard drive carry bag can change what the platter thinks of as normal

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Thanks for your reply, no the transoarent film was removed initially and the platters have nothing on them when switched on.