Sc5000 jog wheel

Has anyone had this problem and if so is there a fix? Thank DJFluffy

Looks like a error in the screen. Is it still there when loading a song with artwork or your own logo?

Yes stays there on anything I load

I would contact support if possible.

I did, I’m supposed to send it to a authorized repair shop, just was wondering if there was an easy fix

Hi Djfluffy - if Denon say return it, I’d return it rather than look for any other fixes. You might end up invalidating your warrantee if you start doing things other than returning it.

It’s out of warranty I bought them before the price drop

It’s just up to you. It’s a tiny cosmetic thing. If you choose to get it repaired then let denon do it. It’s unlikely to be something that any independent repair place can fix. Just use your backup gear whilst it’s away