SC5000 jog problem

Hello y’all!

I have a little question. My players sc5000 jog wheels are moving strange! I put jog wheel spinning speed on “hard” and when i spin them, they spin with different mode. I mean if you spin in a whole circle and the jog is like stopping on one place. Same goes on both players. Does any of have/had same? What should i do? (I dont have guarantee any more)


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Hello @Santohooligan,

Can You please make a video showing this issue? It is a bit hard to follow your description.

Normal for Prime.

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Haha than you! Its not that bothering, but strange! You have the same issue?

Yes. All three of my Prime players’ jogs have inconsistent tension as you rotate around when you turn the tension up. Different parts of the rotation cause different friction on the resistance mechanism thing. Even unit to unit the jog tension on minimum is not consistent, as all three of mine are slightly different resistance. So I put them at the lowest tension setting on each I can get away with that approximates their resistances with the unit with the highest resistance on its own minimum tension setting. In other words, I put the resistance as low as I can have it and still have the units feel pretty close to the same with one unit definitely being at its minimum setting. One or two of the other units are slightly turned up on tension to do this. If all your units are pretty consistent feeling when the tension is all the way down, I’d recommend you leave them at that.

Hahaha what the f i just read? :joy:

Thought that might be confusing. All three of my players are different rotational resistances even on the minimum tension setting, so I slightly turn up the other two that are looser to roughly match the higher-resistance unit.

Since the tension adjustment is plastic-on-plastic and doesn’t produce a consistent rotational resistance anyway at higher settings, I’d recommend having them set to the lowest setting if you can and are lucky enough to already have players with exactly the same tension on the minimum setting.

That make sense?

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i will help you with a video of the same issue very soon

Yes yes. But the thing is, that when the fader of tension on max (hard) it moves strange. I will do the video today.

You talking to me? Didn’t I already say don’t turn the tension way up and put it as low as you can put it and still have the jogs all feel consistent from player to player?

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