SC5000 Jog Display Not Booting Correctly

SC5000 Jog display not booting correctly, screen stays white. If you reboot it then doesn’t come on at all. If you unplug and hold power button to discharge unit then restart guess what, yup the jog display fails to boot and screen goes white again. I just bought unit as new. I’m beginning to wonder if they have sold me an old display unit. Otherwise it plays fine. No other issues. But am concerned now having spent time reading related threads. Is it a loose ribbon cable? A bad earth? A fried component? I don’t know but I thought I’d post and see if there is an easy fix? Have tried firmware updates already. On restart display error comes up , peripheral fails to boot correctly, update or ignore??? I hit update but maybe I should ignore? I don’t know, very frustrating on day 1. This certainly should not be the user experience Denon are shooting for.

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Hello @solgib2001 Welcome to the forum. Try to update. It looks like the data for the screen is not correct. Could be an issue with some file, update maybe can fix that.

I have been to the download pages , I have tried upgrades 1.3, 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6. I have also tried downgrading without success. I work with mass spectrometers, usually this kind of thing requires a hard drive rebuild. Something is corrupted or there is actually a fault on the electronic. I suspect electronic due to the same behaviour no matter what firmware is installed. Although strangely when I downgraded to 1.1 the boot menu still said 1.6.1 and the version in the utility page was 1.1. So perhaps the internal computer is having a problem. I read about loose heat sinks and overheated processors causing similar loading faults, what do you think?

Return to the shop for a replacement

Yup, that’s what I’ve done, turns out they sold me A new device but shipped B-stock. Pretty crappy customer experience tbh. I’ve asked them for a replacement first which means a new SC6000, so we will see how I get on but I reckon it will end in return and refund. I was so excited about getting this unit but every now and then you get stung.

I have a unit in the same way , it turns green and white but locked it does not come out of it like it was restarting all the time