SC5000 High End Roll-off


That’s Paul weighing in.


Yes and it’s been month since this response and nothing @mufasa


@LargoS you mean not a fault in terms of an “alternative” technical specification?


The player plays to dancers and so to club party goers and no one will stop their dance with regards to “roll off”

The player was available for a whole year before even DJs had notice hearing any difference. Not even in world stadiums did this be a cause of any negative.


The player was available for a whole year before even DJs had notice hearing any difference.

Because … you know nobody have make measure before and with big large sound system it’s too loud many details are lost but with high end monitoring or hifi system it’s worse just like a magnifying glass

it’s not like the SC5000 cost 150 euros when people buy high end stuff we don’t want bug or issues like this.


Yes, that my point . If it were a notice thing some one would say sooner


But… But … how can you explain the measure ? the facts are there


It is like painting of the underneaths of a car

It is not making a difference to who we are play to

If they denon change this, then that is nice to have great sound to sounder greater, but if they cannot change it as to change it would disabled something else then we probably to moan of the lost feature


Don’t care about lost feature sound quality is the most important espacially when you have high quality speaker mixers and acoustic


but you won’t be able to play with them at all, because clubs want the top of the line, Just like cars or watches, an ordinary ford it’s fine for everyone, but still, you can buy a lambo. And clubs want lambo, even if they have the same limits like everyone. the sc5k is like a bmw, will have no value in 3 years. Look at the prices of old pioneers, look at technics. They are lambos, If denon with the prime series is aiming for the club standard, then I think they are a little bit off road.


The SC Primes are already in used in clubs and at festivals. Already there


Not in europe btw it’s pioneer everywhere what about Finland ?


Not “everywhere” just of high percentage but falling.

Also See opening poster of this topic - he take his sc5000 to club himself


This “discussion” is going nowhere, so I’m going to talk to myself now…

The most important person who listens to my SC’s is me. I am the audience and I want clean crisp audio. My X1800 mixer has it, my RME interface has it, my SC’s have less. Is it a show stopper? Definitely NO!


Among the sound issues, I personally think the keylock off sound quality and the compressor/limiter & very hot output are bigger issues than the high frequency roll-off, but might as well do all of it.


I think one has to do with the other. Some sort of compromise so to speak.


Very possibly on the matter of the compressor/limiter & very hot output. I think they got, dare I say, a bit lazy with the key lock off stuff and just let Elastique do that, too. It should just be sample rate change, sample rate conversion, and a simple filtering, but instead Elastique is doing double duty all the time. It does keep things more consistent, obviously, but it’s also sort of lowest common denominator.


The high frequency roll off at 18k may be the analog filter circuitry after the DAC and not be solveable by firmware update (it is the analogue outputs affected right?) But I still believe Denon can improve it by adding compensation to the gain at that frequency (and above) in DSP domain with the risk of adding distortion or very low headroom in DSP. But it is all up to how the gain structures has been done if there are headroom available.


No it’s on every output. Also on digital.


Also it’s on the Engine Prime Software itself