SC5000 High End Roll-off




Looking back through the forums posts it’s clear that the 5000s were out and about being used for months and months, gig after gig before anyone noticed or posted anything about high end sound.

I also read on the fortune over a year ago that the world famous ministry of sound nightclub engineers and others , had done side by side DJ booth comparisons of Prime versus Nexus and the Primes won the audio shootouts.

There’s clearly more to great sound than just what the highest few percent of the frequency range is doing. According to mere numbers the honey bee shouldn’t be able to fly, but it can.

And as we know, the Primes are truly the bees knees :honeybee:

If they can adjust or tweak the high end in firmware then, that’s nice, but it’s not anything that either I, or any of my clients, or their guests are gonna notice or worry about.


That’s alright, so the sound of the SC5000 is not the most important thing to you. But many other people do care very much. Actually I also wonder how the dip in the frequency response could go unnoticed with all the DJ mags and blogs. They also missed most of the other problems the SC5000 had back then. Makes me wonder about their thoroughness.


Or may be the big magazine see things that really will and really won’t be talked of as an important thing to many many people and not the magazines get upset about niche using features.

I see on the forum a few days ago that amazing bee gees with drum and bass mix on sc5000 . It was very awesome and I have too say that if that level of great mixing can be created on sc5000 then there cannot be anything large wrong.

Wish lists don’t mean faults. Wish lists don’t mean bugs


Well, in the reality of DJing it does matter what’s right and what’s wrong with a device. If you omit one or the other, it’s not much of a test. Denon wrote a specification for the SC5000 and that’s the standard we’re measuring it against.

And again - this is the most read thread after the feature wish list - so maybe the big mags misjudged what does matter to users.


“Most read” counters are easy to be fooled by some browsers. They can be made to accelerate many times by one person revisiting repeating


I don’t think it should be considered a wish list item - but a must have. If the more educated users will discover a flaw, so will the sound guys of major clubs / festivals.

I find it strange that users who are passionate enough to help Denon DJ discover such flaws will always be talked down in here.

Guess what will harm the brand in the long run - helpful users or agressive fanboys?


Do you have a citation for that?


The DJ magazines and paid blogs have these companies as advertisers, contributors, and columnists. Why did not one of them except me point out the original extensive problems with the Gemini MDJs? I don’t trust any of those outlets.


Why not have both ? Do i want some more features ? Of course. Do I want bugfixes? Yes, but I really want good sound too. For me the sound is as important as the features and functions. Maybe most of the audience don´t care about it that much, but i wan´t to give them the best sound possible.

Exactly! For me it is just not fun to mix Tracks that sound muddy or compressed while mixing, or to hear back a muddy mix, because it´s clearly hearable at some genres of music.

I really like those Players, thats why i choose them in the first place and want to improve them. It´s not about bashing Denon or something, there are just some things that should be fixed, if possible.


Correct! They are paid by companies and they have the review unit for a few days max and send it back.

They never return to let you know how said gear is faring after few months of standard use.

The forums are the best place TBH.

I will never base a purchasing decision on any blog or DJ Tech website.

It’s almost like watching a TV chef…The food always taste perfect, never too salty or bland…just absolutely gorgeous :laughing:


Yeah, it’s actually quite a bit worse than that… using other people’s reviews, evaluations, and posts as raw material for their own reviews without giving credit for the bug/quirk discoveries (cough, plagiarism, cough) and actually bringing some of these employees of their advertisers in to write pieces for them. It’s a very cozy, not-particularly-objective relationship. I don’t blame the DJ equipment companies, but I do blame what is essentially the “DJ press”.


In the latest month and few week that I have been joined on these forums what I am see often is a mixture of the two identities of that you mention. I see some agressive users. That is all so wrong.

Sometimes it writes that a user posts what he wants changed and he is very nice at then. It sometimes is then that when the change has not been realised as firmwares 4 week later or quicker then the user posts agressive and repeats the agressive.

I don’t mean all users when I say above. It is often 3 or 4 of the same ones who always lead in nice but then go bad. Mostly users stay nice and that’s is the way it should be. It is usual that small number of people’s ruin it all ruin for many the others.


For me it’s the most important feature : the sound quality ! I just hope that denon will correct that very soon in the next update and not in 2years ! I refuse to let go of this major problem Denon need to fix this !


Well, on the plus side, at least, the SC5000 is helping to reduce tinnitus in the world while it continues to have this not-optional “feature”.


thats i think too…

its more an “Medical Feature aspect” :wink:

Love your Ears! Important to realise the fact…




Up guys somebody have any news about this problem and how can it be solved ? it’s really a big issue for everyone on this thread, now that Hot Cue are solved maybe for the next update this is a prioritie :slight_smile:


Just flag the post and it will be relocated by staff to a new topic.


Done - Thank you.


I know nothing has changed since the last firmware but after 17 days since the last post
i really hope that denon is working on a solution to this problem and the pitch increment… Please do not do like pioneer and realease an MK2 version who corrects that :frowning:


No. None of us know that.

Loads of work towards another firmware may have gone on at Denon towers since the last massive triple release three weeks ago.