Sc5000 freezing /stutter

Hey guys, I was using my sc5000’s with x1800 last night for NYE and my left deck (which my external HD is patched into) waveform would stutter and freeze and had to drop the song to the right deck periodically as the night went on. Needless not happy at all with performance. Any help with this matter is much appreciated. Thanks

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  • Were you analysing tracks on the second layer?
  • How large was your external HD?
  • What number of tracks do you have stored on the external?
  • Roughly how many of these are analysed?
  • What firmware are the players on?
  • Was the sound altered / quality dropped or just the visual screen display?

I’d imagine you’d need to provide the above information

Everything is updated to to newest versions, and I have 4tb external hard drive but only 2tb on it, and used with serato Dj

Tracks would play intermittent and waver, it sounded more like when dust gets on your needles and get that warble sound

I know they Increased the size of drive you can use with it but maybe see if you get the same problem running off a smaller drive?

I don’t do much open format so I hardly have more then 100gb with me but I’ve never seen an issue with freezing.

Could be something to do with searching the whole drive or having to index it I’m not sure.

The first poster said this problem 9 month ago. As New firmwares are out several times then he may not haves the problem remaining.