Sc5000 freezing and shutting down

Has anyone had issues with there media players Constantly freezing and shutting down i have had issues with mine from day one mine also took 8 hrs to shut down one night i have 2 of these and bot have issues and im over it i would not recommend anything from this company

Hello @cmw1975 Welcome to the forum. Strange issues You have there… Why didn’t you return the faulty units to the store, where You bought them for exchange for a good working units? This is not a common issue, and if this is from day 1, than I would immediately return the device for a warranty exchange.

Did You tried to update the firmware?

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we’ve several identical issues and more. SC5000m & X1800 are from End of November 2020, upgraded to latest firmware. Issues are from day one and where reported to retailer few days later, exchange was requested. Retailer involved Denon UK Support to do the exchange. Since than it is the ultimate nightmare, no working solution up till now. The support regrets exchanging drives because no faults could be found on the units, all issues were caused by the faulty x1800, they say. But thats not true, stand alone units without Ethernet cables or direct connection between players without X1800, freeze also. Some issues are hardware related. It’s impossible that external hardware like the x1800 cause them. We will come up with a separate post listing all the issues.

Technical problems can occur anytime, but what doesn’t work is the poor support. They don’t offer any solution and it feels, delay tactics are more common than solving any hardware issues.

We are very dissatisfied with the extremely slow, unprofessional support.

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What does that mean ?

@JWiLL pls can you help in this case?

That Denon won’t replace the media players, even though it’s a customer right! You get lost in endless email discussions about warranty claims.

There aren’t drives in the 5000s though. Or is that a translation thing? Do you mean denon won’t replace the 5000 players ?

It’s difficult following this story when two people have both started using the one story for different situations. I was asking my question to thehrdrebel

I did return them to the store where i purchased them but they would not take them as they told me thete was npthing wrong with them i gave up returning them the warranty has now expired on them so i guess im now screwed. Your company are very unprofessional when it comes to helping people but i guess its ok for people to spend all there hard earned money on your products but when there are issues the blame game starts oh and yes i did the firmware update im not stupid

Hey, hold on there. I am not from Denon dj. I am a user just like You are. Just wanted to help.

You could add more details maybe, what was exactly wrong between You and the shop. Why they rejected the warranty claim and just said nothing is wrong?

i would not recommend anything from this company… Your company are very unprofessional when it comes to helping people… its ok for people to spend all there hard earned money on your products…

This is neither necessary nor helpful at all and actually sounds like random ranting or trolling. No company is flawless. Please use proper grammar and punctuation and add more details of your issues, the circumstances and environment when said error occured. To answer your question: No, neither me nor my friend using the 5000s have faced such an issue at all. If both of your units froze, it is more likely an issue with your music files or power supply rather than the unit themselves.

as they told me thete was npthing wrong with them i gave up returning them

This doesn’t make much sense.


In the U.K. that’s your consumer right. What it suggests is that when you took it to the store, they couldn’t replicate the error, which suggests user error over hardware error.

Did you video what was happening and show this to the retailer? Whilst you are angry at Denon, it’s the retailer for the first 12 months that has the duty of care to the customer (in the U.K., and by extension as the law came from them, the EU)

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yes the SC5000m motorized media players are meant. Setup was bought in the Netherlands online and delivered to Germany. The retailer contacted Denon to do the exchange directly, without need to send the units around thru europe during coevid19. The Denon service is situated in Germany too. For the Netherlands the Denon UK support is responsible. UK sends Units to Germany for inspection / exchange. In this case Denon UK let Denon Germany pickup the units by DPD.

It looks like the dealer and Denon Support UK did just that to deliberately subvert the customer’s right to exchange. Denon Support UK in particular delayed the process immensely. What should the customer do, if the dealer contacts Denon to fulfill a replacement as a solution instead of carrying out the guaranteed replacement themself? and then Denon denies it after many mails over a long time, answer: only the mixer was broken, admitting that no more rights can be possibly taken against the dealer since the faulty mixer became exchanged.

As professionals, we can´t appear with any faulty units that cause any showstopper.

It seems denon did more for you than they have to. For import units the warranty is only in the country where they were buyed in.

These are no import units. Units were sold and bought in the “European Single Market” and the following applies:

The legal guarantee is mandatory and applies EU-wide for two years beginning from the date you receive the goods.

If you purchase something from a professional seller from an EU nation, you are protected by the European Regulation 99/44/EG. These rules are about the sale of consumer goods and the applicable warranties.

This is very bad, I think, You have full right to get the devices running correctly or exchanged on warranty. Where did You bought the setup in the Netherlands? From the story You wrote its definitely not bax-shop…? I know, that bax is super fast and consumer friendly if it goes for warranty issues and they give 3 years warranty on almost all their gear.

@JWiLL - this will really need your attention, please. @TheHrdRebel is a professional that puts his denon gear for many German and Dutch djs to play on. Thanks to him many djs turned their heads to Denon dj, I think he should be helped in a professional manner.

At the moment, I don’t wanna blame the retailer, cause I’m still hoping for a working solution.

true, bax shop isn’t involved

i am from perth western australia when i first got them back in 2018 and i started having issues with them i thought i would wait for an update and see what happens hoping that it might fix the issues that i was having but that did not happen so i contacted the place i purchased them and told them what was happening so they asked me to bring them in so they could have a look so they had a look for about an hour nothing happend so got them home 2 days later they started to freeze and shut down so i showed them the video and it wasnt good enough for them they told me that they needed to see it for themselves and this has been an ongoing situation since i purchased them with no help from the store and no help from denon i got mad i have many other issues with them not shutting down. so now the warranty has expired i guess i have to media players here i can not use i guess the only good thing from this is the 4 VL12 turntables i purchased at the same time

It’s 100% the retailer; it doesn’t matter if they said go to Denon, etc, etc. The retailer has the obligation to accept the goods back. Full stop. The fact you allowed them to give you the run around is on you, you should simply have returned them and demanded they sort. They could have quarantined the goods for 3 days if COVID was a real reason.

In the U.K. Trading Standards would’ve got involved, not sure what the EU equivalent is, but would be worth you finding them. I’d also be arguing that your warranty hasn’t expired as I’m sure you’ll have the trail of paperwork that shows the full contact thread.

If these two users are both using the Motor version and flight cases maybe the flightcase foam is blocking the motor fan on the wall of the deck and causing them to heat

Hard rebel is always putting them on the desk, I was at many gigs where he putted his decks and they always been on the desk free standing.

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