SC5000 disconnect from each other

Good morning,

I have two players, bought in April 2019 and they are running on the 1.5.1 engineOS and linked with the ethernet cable that came with them.

Just recently I am finding that after “a period of time” perhaps 10 minutes, I lose connection to the linked player and have to restart the player to get the link back.

Anyone finding this or have a solution please?

I have checked the lan cable and that’s fine

thank you :slight_smile:

Try to update to 1.5.2, maybe?

I thought 1.5.1 was the latest, usually my players tell me there’s an update!

Some times they do, some times they don’t. I don’t relay on this, just check denon dj website for the newest or follow the info on the forum here.

Thank you, updated and had a little rinse… next time I record a set, I’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

Let us know if Your issue is gone.