Sc5000 and x1800 faulty for the 2nd time

One of my SC5000 is faulty again red triangle power icon coming on flickering then turning off,this is a replacement unit to less than 1 year old but s now out of warranty as I bought my original setup in 2017. Also my X1800 mixer is now faulty you can hear electric crackling noises at the back causing drop out of play back.I 'm really gutted that such expensive top end gear only has 1 year warranty and keeps breaking down love them but regretting investing in them.LOST ALL CONFIDENCE IN MY SETUP WHEN PLAYING LIVE,play to a full club ever Saturday ( 800+ ) .This is a nightmare.

I’d be suspecting something in the local places the gears being plugged into now as you’re saying that you’ve got through two sc5000 both with power type problems and one mixer with power problems. As those is three separate items, not a shared PSU, I’d be thinking of bad booth power aka dirty power


You should invest in a power conditioner. It can be the units yes, but the odds are against you given this is repeating for you and not the rest of us. At the least, you will only benefit from a AC power conditioner.

My Club gets checked and certificated electrically every 6 months,all new extensions also full pioneer setup next to me no issues at all.