SC5000 and SeratoDJ?


Inasmuch as people want this I don’t think it should be frowned upon. More money for Denon if some Serato users want the Prime decks to use with that particular software.

And maybe whilst having the confidence that they can use Serato then they might want to try using it without a laptop at some point.

That’s what I think.


I agree with you absolutely, but I wanted to try them with Serato because I had to do a studio recording and I needed the various effects and samples that in my DJM900SRT are not there. Obviously out there, they should be used absolutely without Mac or PC … they were born specifically for that. :slight_smile:


I just saw on ig that it’s in the works and must be getting close. Turns the platter to the serato emblem.


Where exactly? Been waiting forever


Any update on Serato DJ support? It has been several months and already other gear that came out after the SC5000 are already had support added in an update. Just really want to use these but hands are tied without Serato Dj support.


I asked about Traktor support a while ago and I was told that the sc 5000 Is designed as standalone system and not meant to work as Controller for a software.


“We are not planing on paying NI now to add HID support but if they want to do it for free in the future when we take over the DJ booths we will talk with them” :smile:

For Serato it is in some sort of beta stage (they used DVS/HID on DJ Expo) so it is coming, no need for panic. Also, that logic (“other gear that came out after the SC5000 are already had support added in an update”) is flawed because you cannot know when a certain manufacturer closed a deal with Serato for support. For all you know, that other gear could have been finished in 2016 but only now the manufacturer had it produced in far east in large enough numbers for it to be announced and SDJ support added.


Whilst Standalone is a primary (Prime-ary :wink:) consideration and usage option for the SC5000 Prime, compatibility with existing platforms/formats is a significant thing for some, who have their favourite ways of working, particular features which they rely on within some software, or simply have spent a long time “fine tuning” cue points, loops etc in their current chosen software.

Whilst no exact release dates are mentioned, it’s safe to expect some amazing compatibility announcements.


Whilst it’s great that compatibility is being considered, spending all that money on a prime setup then using it in midi mode is a bit like getting a Ferrari and wanting it to drive like a Fiat Panda.

There are far less expensive options out there for softare/midi control.


Actually, like buying a Ferrari and then putting in your living room and hooking it up to your PS/Xbox to use in a driving simulation.


I only “miss” the DVS support on the X1800. While I don’t use my 26 year old SL1210 that much, it would be fun to have a 3rd or should I say 5th deck! :sunglasses:


I see what you are saying but I have over 100,000 tracks in my Serato library. I do open format and quick mixing in and out of tracks. It would be impossible to replicate the what the ease of using Serato on the SC5000. What other unit would you suggest that is far less expensive that can replicate what the SC5000 “is” going to be able to do when I can control Serato DJ? Either way does not matter thou I have had me set of 5000’s since May and just waiting to really put them to good use.


They’ve had them in the lab for a few days now at serato BK.


Dam and I thought my 25,000 track library was big! Congratulations You have every song on the planet!


Not quite sure how it is like “buying a Ferrari and using it to drive a PS4”? Hooking up a 15” screen, with touchpad control, full size keyboard, 16gb of memory, quad core i7 and 1tb SSD cannot possibly be bettered by a 9” screen with a 5” touchscreen keyboard running files off a USB 3 stick?!?!? I love not having Serato face anymore, and my passion for DJing is back to vinyl levels again, but the minute I can book a library up, I’m there. Hopefully it’ll be Engine Prime and it will be purely that, Engine management, but if it has to be Serato DJ, then so be it.


Yes you do, you just choose to concentrate on a single advantage of a laptop setup in a effort to negate all the advantages the other option.

And using Engine link option (that’s still not available on Engine Prime) is not the same as using a DJ software and a controller/s. That is, if you know what you’re doing by not having your music on the laptop.

I also hope you’ll be able to use Engine for that. Who knows, maybe in the future another SC5000 firmware update brings that wi-fi connection possible and you get a dedicated ios Engine app for that.


Both are good - with their own pro’s and con’s

Laptops can be used for auditioning tracks or practicing sets, more or less anywhere, whereas you wouldn’t necessarily pop into Starbucks with an SC5000 and an X1800 for a quick jam over a Latte.

However, laptop screen size isn’t a clear cut advantage either. A lot of DJ software “looses” half the normal screen by offering duplication of a hardware player, so the difference between how much library is visible on a laptop screen compared to a dedicated DJ hardware screen isn’t straightforward. With great search options and filters, both laptops or standalone units would offer you clear results to any search.

I think that the comparisons which are being mentioned (Ferrari Vs Playstation driving game, Einstein serving peanuts, buying a Porsche but only driving it at 25 mph etc, all relate to the never-before-seen amount of processing power that’s inside the SC5000 Prime.

All of that processing power is needed for such a powerful standalone experience, whereas all that would be needed for a box that can send MIDI signals to a laptop, would be little more than a $40 keyboard.

Such comparisons however, don’t take into account that some DJs may want to use the SC5000 primarily Standalone, but drop to using it for laptop control for background music, or if their USB stick in the SC5000 was to fail etc. Similarly, the DJ who uses laptop for some parts of the gig, but would use standalone if/when the laptop suffers crash etc.


I just want to use mine for library control, like original Rekordbox. Don’t care about auditioning, don’t care about setting loops, but do want to be able to store my tracks in many different ways, find tracks in a fraction of the time, adjust a beat grid properly, not in the (currently) very poor way that it happens on the player, and save my cue points properly, especially the first down beat, which the player doesn’t do.


I’ve been a “Serato Dj” for years now. Serato has great tools for Dj’n just as Tractor, Rekordbox etc etc etc. But Serato’s biggest asset is it’s file management and beat grinding capabilities. Grant it, if your using Serato your using a laptop with a 13 inch screen or bigger. But the way the file management system works, Your able to fly through song options. If the next Version of Engine Prime can incorporate the Library Management and beatgridding options ala Serato ish, Denon will take over the World (MUAH ha ha ha ha) LOL

My 2 Cents!


Yeah, my worst gripe with the players is library management. It’s OK for a small library, but It lacks functionality if you are a mobile dj and want to rely on the players and Engine for having your full library at your finger tips. More specifically:

  • super strong restriction on which fields are operative: cannot search/filter by record label, comment or year.
  • lack of a “summary” view where you can easily see artist, album and track name on one view: tracks with title names like A1, A2, B1 are so difficult to identify as the album name is not displayed.
  • cannot navigate from withing fields: ie - given one track, click on artist name and show all the tracks for that artist (You need to start a new search from scratch instead of navigate from one item to another)
  • lack of PC link to mitigate this issues, as Rekordbox has (although requires laptop and is more studio/preparation oriented rather than club oriented).

I really wish Denon will tackle this issues, or try to ask users which are the issues they concern them the most.

In regards of library management, I’ve noticed that in Engine you can display record label but you cannot sort by record label (on the players record label does not even show up at all anywhere). This makes me think that their database design depends on indexes over the artist, album, key and bpm fields, which may limit any upgrade on things like “search comment field” without significant changes on the database and maybe even migration processes on the user side.