SC5000 and Engine Prime Update v1.2



I can’t agree with this thought of = if it’s not like pioneer then it wrong


Yeah I still miss a phase meter on my SL turntable. Made a request about it some 30 years ago…

Anyway, if anybody needs it, then fine; it should be fixed (don’t know what’s wrong with it btw).

I would like it to be gone; it costs space on the player, just as the sync button. One can always hope! :wink:


lol ! seriously if i don’t want visual help i stick with vinyl and that’s okay love mixing with it too, but just say it’s weird, why we only get a phase meter active when sync are activate ? mate it takes no place, the screen are big enough


A lot of stuff doesn’t come on vinyl and it’s several times more expensive than it used to be. Yes, I still have vinyl, but other than the occasional special set on it, there’s really not a lot of choice on the matter. If I was rich and had two Sherpas, then I’d do 100% vinyl. Please, make me rich and give me Sherpas!


Noticed that in this update there are not “how to” instructions.

Can someone please confirm that the instrustions from the previous update are still applicable?


  1. Power OFF the SC5000 PRIME.
  2. Connect a USB cable to the SC5000 USB OUT port and the other end to an available USB port on your computer.
  3. On the SC5000 press and hold MEDIA EJECT + SOURCE + LAYER .
  4. Power ON the SC5000 PRIME while holding the 3 button combination above.
  5. Release the power button but continue to hold the 3 button combination until the splash screen appears with a microchip icon in the lower center of the display.
  6. Once the splash screen appears with the microchip icon, release the buttons.
  7. Run the Denon DJ SC5000 Prime Firmware Updater 1.0.2 application.
  8. Once complete the SC5000 will automatically restart.
  9. Update complete.


It’s not that complicated anymore.

Hook up USB3 cable on the back.

Go to Utility, firmware update - reboot

Execute update on pc.


that is nice but was this mentioned somewhere i.e. rtfm :wink:


Function has always been there but I don’t know why it was in the update manual in the most complicated way.

Edit: bottom of page 17.


Just did my update. Just plug in the usb>utility mode>firmware update>then run the software

Since I had both USB daisy chained I was tempted to do both simultaneously but common sense prevailed. I didn’t wanna end up with bricked 5000s.


Because like it or not Pioneer dominate the market by a considerable margin and have done for a considerable time Consequently they have been the benchmark for how we expect things to work e.g the hot cue/loop quantisation that Denon got wrong and have since addressed. Anyone jumping off most Club equipment is going to expect certain things to work in a certain way - because most Club equipment is Pioneer. That’s just a fact. I have no idea if you are a home or wedding so so you may not know this If Denon want to compete with Pioneer then they must accept that the majority of Club DJ’s don’t expect to have to remember idiosyncrasies for basic functionality


I would like to have : -effect: flanger, echo, filter : same as DN6000 -Auto mix when you play in continue mode -The possibilitie to edit the number of star ou add note on a title -The possibilitie to change the order of the playlist, and the order of title in the playlist


the phrase - becasue weve always done it that way is the enemy of innovation

wanting to see and be on both sides of a fence i have to offer an idea here. could some firmware be made (not the next firmware - i hate reading people insist on NEXT) in the future have a feature where you press the touch screen on the phase meter bars to making a box appear saying --phase meter to show which player and layer-- and a display of all players and layers are connect. so press the phase display on the left player on layer 1 and the options give you layer B on that player and both layers on right player.


hmmm… :frowning:

i really think about, to jump the 1.2 update, so just read about new bugs, and new problems and so on. i cant understand how this can happen now. i think to override this sort of problems, you need to release quicker updates, not big ones, just little bugfixes or new enhacements, improvements and/or etc etc,… users can test it and can told here if problems are occupied,…

i think if longer a duration of a update will be taken so more bugs will be produced at the self time - No, i dont a programmer but i growed up from c64 and amiga to atari and modern PCs and i understand this world and know that many sh** can happen.

i will say we are all only humans, and we are all can make mistakes, everyone here already do mistakes so far, if not: you lie. How we can minimize this? Just easy to answer this: To Work together. Please be opener to the public here and make smaller update rollouts - i know this is the solution. Sort the Acutally Problems out, fix it step by step and release every step - Every user here work other as the another user and we can make bugs public here or it will be seen first by other user as on the denon team, who knows that…

just my 2 cents.

I know the hardware has potencial - we all are too - so the rollout times and you too…

Only if we can work together we will make denon great again! (sorry. its just the truth ;))

so far and i wish all the best regards,


Edit: I know everyone have wishes, but without the wish above, it can be loosy at all for future…


There was no problem in the previous version, I updated it today and again a new problem when running …


I haven’t seen that yet. How large a track in terms of file size? You’d think these would have more than enough memory. Well, at least they’re all dual deck. I better start always hooking them up that way.


If you check the screen, he was trying to load a 3.5 hour long track. Well outside of what most users would normally be loading I think it is safe to say.


Good eyes! Curious what size limit that was bumping up against, though. 2GB?


… and IF to play a set with a duration over 3 hours i think u just need this on the other player…


Good evening Following the update of players 1.2, I noticed that at the end of my service, I could not eject my SD card and my hard drive. Can you help me Thank you


Good evening, I’m really stupid, I’m still used to pioneers, I did not even pay attention to the eject button. Thank you for ignoring my post.