SC5000 and Engine Prime Update v1.2

Hi everyone - I’m super happy to let you know the v1.2 SC5000 firmware and joint Engine Prime software update has arrived and is now available for download. Features and improvements include:

  • Import NI Traktor playlists, songs, loops & cue points
  • Instant Double tracks between/within players
  • Enhanced BPM analysis range & downbeat detection
  • Increased Playlist management options
  • Larger Drives/Collections across network
  • Immediate Track Cue/Play on analyze

Download here Win/Mac: - where you’ll also find the link to the Engine Prime download page

Here’s Jason from the Product Team running through an overview of new features and enhanced workflow features.

Engine Prime / SC5000 1.2.0 Release Notes Important information for upgrading users:

Engine Prime 1.2 is compatible with all versions of Denon SC5000 Prime players. Engine Prime 1.2 is not backwards compatible with Engine Prime 1.0. Switching back to 1.0 may cause undesired behavior and loss of collection integrity. We recommend making a backup copy of the Music/Engine Library folder as an extra safety precaution before upgrading.

In order to add new features to the Prime products, Engine Prime needs to upgrade the music databases on all drives. This is done automatically when any drive is connected to Engine Prime or a SC5000. Because this may take some time, we recommend that you upgrade your drives in Engine Prime by connecting them to your computer when Engine Prime is open.

SC5000 1.2.0: New Features:

Performance Features

  • Ability to Instant double tracks between/within players added. Press and hold sync or double press the Browse knob when in player view to instant double.
  • If a song is loaded on more than one deck, creating hot cues and saved loops will now appear on all other decks.
  • Loops and Cues can now be placed before analysis is complete.
  • Saved loops now trigger in beat when quantize is on.
  • Pressing loop out when no loop in point is active will create a loop from the cue point.
  • Turning Sync off doesn’t require holding Shift (Settable in User Preferences).
  • Hot Cues outside of an active loop will now de-activate loop when triggered.
  • “On Air Mode” can now be disabled in user preferences.

Collection/Database Features

  • FLAC and Ogg files now show album artwork. All tracks already in collection must have album artwork added by selecting “Re-import track information” in Engine Prime.
  • Search: Using spaces now allows to search text within multiple fields at once.
  • Added playlist folder support, including playlist folders imported from Rekordbox.
  • Added 98 - 195 BPM analysis range.
  • Removal of 2.5 GB DB size limitation
  • Removed the need to press a source for 2 seconds to eject it.
  • Upgrading DB process is shown in source screen.
  • Playlists tracks are now sortable
  • Downbeat detection algorithm is improved.

Misc. Features

  • Added a safety feature where waveform data will no longer be written to the database if the DB filesize is close to the maximum file size when using FAT32 (4 Gb)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where under rare circumstances, tracks would end up in the wrong playlists/crate after packing.
  • Improved handling of large GUID Partition Mapped drives.
  • Improved displaying of crates/playlists.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing play immediately after loading a track could cut off the first bit of playback audio.
  • Fixed an issue where the waveform overview track end warning would continue to flash after a source was ejected.
  • General stability improvements.

SJL0-1.2.0 Engine Prime 1.2.0: New Features: - download:

Collection/Database Features

  • Traktor Playlists and Songs, including Loops and Cue Points can now be imported into Engine Prime via exported Traktor NML file.
  • Playlists can now be added to folders.
  • Added 98 - 195 BPM analysis range.
  • Serato Playlists can now be dragged to Engine Prime Crates/Playlists areas.
  • Dragging a crate to the same crate on a remote drive now adds the content to the remote crate.
  • Downbeat Detection algorithm is improved.
  • Playlists and History lists are now exportable as M3U, CSV or JSON files.
  • FLAC and Ogg files now show album artwork. All tracks already in collection must have album artwork added by selecting “Re-import track information.”

Misc Features: Added a safety feature where waveform data will no longer be written to the database if the DB filesize is close to the maximum file size when using FAT32 (4 Gb)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue which prevented Serato databases stored on non SC5000 compatible drives from being shown in the Serato library pane.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting tracks to a removable drive could hang on 1 track remaining.

Looks great, @paul_denondj! But what about the beat-tap function or beatgrid correction ON the machine like its possible on the mcx8000 by using the jogwheel? Not only move the beatgrid, but stretch/unstretch… If this aint possible yet I hope more updates will follow real soon. But nice work so far!


Great. Thanks, Paul! This is a big one.

Any progress on the following?

Dropping the soft takeover of pitch with track load on the other layer.

NTFS read-only support.
Extending high-end frequency response overall.
Disabling Elastique or otherwise improving sound quality with keylock off.
Getting back the original smaller pitch increments.
Track offloading from a computer over the Link from Engine Prime.
Jog bend improvements or customizing.
Customizing the SC5000 HUD & browser info.

Thank you for the update I love the playlist folders, Instant double and the new search feature Just one thing I need can you make it that we can only search when looking for a song in a crate or playlist when using the keyboard

Great stuff.

Best news for me is the instant double feature and the removal of the db limit.

Great video too. It was very clear and informative.


My Serato Library on a 4TB HFS formatted external HD is now seen by EP.



“Extending high-end frequency response overall.” You know right if denon correct this it’s not good for “marketing image & sell Prime units” sound quality are not good according to you what about the others ?

BTW great update but some thing missing :

-Phase meter work only when sync are activate Denon said that it would be corrected

  • 100% agree with this Getting back the original smaller pitch increments.
  • Not possible to sort dates added

“Jog bend improvements or customizing” it’s the hardware i thing

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The sound not being extended in the top end in general and the sound with keylock off being far from bit-perfect has both been empirically established in other threads on here and other forums, including in comparison to other brands/models. Known fact trumps all marketing and “managed” image considerations.

As for the jog bend performance – it being twice as sensitive in the forward than the backward and not adjustable is entirely a firmware issue. The SC5000 is a big beautiful controller and display with a computer inside.

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Nice update!

I like:

  1. Engine Prime now analyses drum & bass correctly :grinning:
  2. Album artwork for FLAC :sunglasses:
  3. Instant doubles :upside_down_face:

Would still like to see:

  1. Sort by Date Added on the SC5000
  2. Tap/Manual BPM entry on the SC5000
  3. Phase meter without Sync enabled

I did have a couple times with v1.2 tonight on longer tracks where the players seemed to be spending so much of their processing doing the analysis and building the graphic waveform that it wasn’t buffering the actual music such that I could jump around in the track as quickly as in 1.0.3. Reloading the track seemed to fix it.

Won’t let me edit the other post. Sorry. Occasionally some tracks didn’t show up in the same folders on all the linked players. I’d be playing it on one and wanting to load the next track and unable to find it on another player in that exact folder. Little weird, but not catastrophic or anything.

Totally agree with the Phase meter. Would a nice preference option. Also flexible beatgrids really need to be a priority.


Great job on the update, keep it coming

  1. Please add Better Flexible Beat Grid (SeratoDJ/RekordboxDJ style = ability to shift specific markers individually, ability to squeeze or expand beat grids after a specific anchor/downbeat marker). This is essential for tracks with bpm flunctuations 60s,70s,80s music which i’m sure loads of djs play. We are all not techno/house djs

  2. Phase Meter being active (sync or no sync). This is the nearest thing to parallel wave forms and one should not need sync to have this active.

  3. Incremental updates will be very welcomed too rather than the long wait between updates, even if its to add one or two improvements that can make a huge difference to the user experience.

  4. i really want this product to do well.

This to me is the very last hurdle to cross on basic features.

Everything else from that point on i will categorise as a bonus bar the obvious stability updates


I encountered the missing tracks bug on v1.0.3 - if you open another folder, then go back to the folder with the “missing” tracks they will, usually, be there. It seems some folders don’t update correctly when first opened.

yes totally but i don’t understand about the Phase Meter like pioneer btw @paul_denondj Denon staff said that it was going to be corrected in the next update 3 months ago…

you summed up everything it’s messing mate ! agree with flexible beatgrids it’s not acceptable that this feature missing in 2018

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Great update, team Denon. Well done!

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Not super impressed to be honest. We’ve waited ages for an update and it’s hasn’t got nearly as much as expected. Pretty much only some of the basic stuff that Pioneer have done for ages.

Where is the phase meter correction that was promised ?

I agree with frequent upgrade roll-outs rather than waiting the best part of a year for this.

Maybe it’s just me shrug


Top marks! Well done guys!

Yeah… The phase meter like a said 1000 times it’s not like it’s complicate, it’s a big feature missing in my opinion and Denon need to correct this btw I love beatmatching with ears of course it’s better but sometime I like having a visual help, even Pioneer have two different phase meter with the XDJ MK2 & CDJ Nexus 2, Come on @paul_denondj maybe the next update are coming for Christmas

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Does anyone still use or need a phase meter? Is it a training or new DJ sort of feature that established DJ wouldnt use? could the screen space lost by the phase meter be used for other info for DJs that dont need phase help anymore?