Sc5000 alone no mixer


Can I use the Sc5000 alone, without a mixer.

If yes, In stand alone and with Serato?

No, to use it with Serato you need a Serato compatible mixer, as the SC5000 is classed as a Serato Accessory rather than full hardware.

Thank you

In Standalone? Can I use it with no mixer?

If you mean can you plug the SC5000 directly into a speaker then yes, but you won’t have any control over the volume etc.

However THAT problem can be solved using a small PA mixer :slight_smile:

Which is still a mixer. The question was could it be used without a mixer, the type of mixer wasn’t specified :slight_smile:

Many active speakers like my Bose F1 system have a mixer on the back panel, so in that case it could be used on its own.

I stand totally corrected.

thanks a lot!.