SC5000, 2 USB browse 2 seperate lists ??

It would be Awesome if I could browse two collections flipping back and too, for example like a memory recall so instead of having to browse back and two I got instant access to my second list at a flick of a control/button and it would make the experience on the fly that much more fluent and thus also saving valuable time.

another example locking a list too sc5000 seconds layers while browsing another on layers 1, maybe using two usb sticks/collections /playlist to do this.

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This can be done on different players, but not currently on different layers.

I am just toying with such idea, but only an idea and maybe something much later down the line once you have other more important additions working in balance could you contemplate a method to improve that aspect.

Thank you for your reply Gee your bang on the buck as they say for forum support and communication I appreciate that.

I’ve posed a similar question previously. It would be nice if I could use layer 2 in a different crate

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