Sc5000/1800x problems (bpm issues/grid issues/analysis)

Hi Denon,

Ok, my experience after one day i bought the set,…THIS IS NOT USABLE THE PLAY ON GIGS! Ok, step 2 i m angry, watched a lot of reviews, everybody saying this is perfect…

Bought a complete set, put my usb (rekordbox stick in the player and then i put the stick on the pc to analyse all the songs. So far so good…

all tracks are bought on traxsource or beatport, on pioneer cdj (nexus2, RX) all worked flawless).

  • Crazy tempo issues, (track on 124 bpm, goes faster or slower is not stable. per track different behaviour.

  • Pioneer easy thing, if you have not a lot of time for sync, you press ‘sync on’ (on slave player) and then 1 sec later off. beat goes in sync and stays in sync. DENON, sync is slow, and if it syncs it is not stable. (quantize on or off no difference).

  • beat grid issues, on the downbeat (bassdrum), not allways same behaviour, some tracks it works, some tracks the grid is off. you have to correct it and then still not stable

  • x1800, sometimes it happens, you listen to ch2 on the cue. you can here the master cue through your headphones, even if you turn the master-cue knob completly to que, still happens. you have to power off the x1800, then power it on then it works normal as expected.

  • everytime you start up with the same stick it asks if it need to load the settings from the stick, make it remember, no everytime i startup i have to say YES load the settings. same stick, same set, different day. annoying.

But the most annoying thing (and there for not usable on gigs is that there are strange tempo issues, on pioneer works great, same tracks, on denon it does not stay on 124 of 125 bpm…it goes faster …or slower. the set is not usable, and not stable!!

i m terrible disappointed 3600 euros gone and i cant use it, reanalyzed a few times, made changes in the windows prime engine settings for the sc5000 controller…with, without quantize, sync or no sync it is not stable.


I’m thinking that you should give your serial numbers of your items to Denon support when you call them

Plenty of us are using Primes at gigs and are able to pull off great mixes with ease.


I’d love to see a video documenting this crazy behavior on your gear. We might be able to give some advice.

A “few” days ago? :woozy_face:

Weird. No problems here.

Have you checked if you removed the protective foil on the platters AND make sure you use grounded 230V sockets!?

And take the plastic film off of the platters


No issues here either. My setup works fine.

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There are a lot of us here and otherwise gigging on the Denons regularly without issue. Ya might wanna get with support. This is either a You or a shipping issue (as in product internals damaged during transport).

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Rekordbox made a correct analyze, prime makes wrong analyze. track is official 124 bpm, prime makes it 128bpm?! even after reanalyze it is not seing the correct BPM. this happens a lot…


I thought house tracks were better analysed in EP compared to hip hop.

When you right click, are you using analyse or re-analyse?

You made me LOL there. :joy:

It was released like 6+ months ago. :see_no_evil::thinking:

Omg, somebody paid €3600 for gear and didn’t even read the manual, invested minimal time in getting to know it and then proceeds to make a forum profile for the sole purpose of warning us silly users!


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does not work,…stays the same.

They could have downloaded Engine Prime for free before the “purchase” too, just to see how their styles of music faired with the current analysis.

Do some tracks work ok?

The BPM algorithm is not there yet with other software.

Do you have split cue on…that’s a strange one as you say it reverts when you power cycle.

If the bpm is not right then your grids will go off after a while…I’m guessing that’s what you are experiencing with the track in the picture you attached. 124 vs 128

Spend some more time with the gear…see if your other concerns are just teething problems.

Good luck

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what this guy has, for me te same…

i recorded my own video here with the issue; sorry for beginning, was a little nervous with the recording on. please watch video completely. even with the re arrange beat grid stil not stable, i have this with a lot of official songs.

You may not have found the feature yet, but you can adjust the position of the beat grid by pressing in the silver parameter knob for a second and then moving the platter. When the grid is exactly how you want it, press the parameter knob again. You only have to do that once and the new beat grid position is saved for every load

Hi @DJLee, Firstly let’s take a look at the issues you are having.

From reading your comments and watching your video points 1, 2 & 3 seems like the root here is the beat grid analysis. If the beat grid is incorrect and thinks it’s 124 then you will not be able to beatmatch them if the tempo is actually 128. I’d try beat matching these tracks by ear and without relying on the beat grid information as a test.

The best way to check grids is in Engine Prime as you have more features to edit and adjust the grid if needed, you do have the option on the player as well by selecting the EDIT GRID button.

While we make every effort to ensure the beat grid process is the best it can be, please understand there are many variables to process, we’re always open to positive ways to improve what we do and welcome all constructive feedback.

Point 4: x1800, sometimes it happens, you listen to ch2 on the cue. Please check if the SPLIT CUE is on

Point 5: USB Settings I will confirm this and get back to you

Lastly, I appreciate you are frustrated but I have edited your post title to be in line with our forum guidelines. While I understand you are having teething problems adjusting to our new system and we and our community want to help, publically telling people to not buy our equipment is unacceptable. The Prime series has been out for 2 years now and graced global stages with A list DJs week in and week out and proved exceptionally reliable.

I hope the above helps.

Regards Jay