SC3900 Serato calibration update



Post 17 Mar 2013 09:38

Hi everyone My first question:I would like to know if it is necessary to calibrate my 3900’s each time i use SERATO?

I ask this as i have noticed differences when trying to calibrate each time i want to play.One example is that the “Percentage Of Readable Signal” changes when i calibrate at different times.Serato suggests that the “Percentage Of Readable Signal” should be close to 85%.Sometimes i find that the signal is 100% and there are times when its zero.

Weather calibration takes place succesfully or not,i proceed to play and everything seems to work.But i have no way of knowing…We can appreciate that the Serato manual was written without taking into consideration a CD player that does not require the TIMECODE DISC.

So i am wondering, if with a unique player such as the 3900 ,surely the conventional instructions on the manual either applies in some instances or it does not apply at all.

I’m not a professional and i am still learning,this is merely a hobby.So i use my equipment from time to time.I mention this as i have no idea if my infrequent use has anything to do with calibration.

Secondly,i have just updated Serato’s new firmware.Suddenly my 3900’s are no longer mapped,except for “play” and “cue”.Do i need to map my players again?

I am using a pair of 3900’s,DNX1700,Macbook Pro and DHC1000S

Any forthcoming info is much appreciated!! Thanks

Feliciano21 Post 18 Mar 2013 13:22

I’m going to assume you are using the decks on hybrid mode, correct? The updating of the firmware should not matter with the mapping.

You have made quit and investment for this to just be a hobby. The equipment you own is top notch and you won’t be disappointed.

sven Post 18 Mar 2013 14:06

Yes i am using hybrid mode.I have been using serato for several months and this is the first time i have performed a update.I will try again and have another look at things.As for my investment,i have been investing in the brand since 1995(hi-fi) and this is my most rewarding buy.Thank you Feliciano21 for your time