Sc2900 firmware update needed


Hi guys not sure if anybody can help, I have a pair of sc2900s and am desparately searching for a firmware update, for some reason I can’t find a working link anywhere, am really happy with the decks just wanted to fix a couple of glitches and get the decimal bpm on display Any help would be greatly appreciated One love Ruffcut



Unfortunately, they’re no longer updating the sc2900 firmware or the original Engine software.



Latest firmware is on the Denon dj product page, if the page is unavailable contact support and request a link. Also, it’s worth testing if using Engine Prime MCX8000 export option in Engine Prime software will make a readable USB stick in SC2900.

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It is strange for Denon to not continue to offer service (including firmware updates) for the SC2900 player because in some countries this player can still be baught new in stores. Given the fact that a well maintained player can last for years, if there are problems with it’s software or hardware the company should step up and fix those problems in order to offer the customer full operation on the product. I remember there were cases in which customers encountered some problems when trying to engage a loop in link mode, but I don’t know for sure if Denon managed to fix this issue in the last firmware update offered. Also, in some countries one can still buy in stores Denon mixers like dn-x120, dn-x600, dn-x500 or dn-x110 in new condition. So, these customers should still be offered service for the products. Regarding the engine software, Denon Engine Prime music management software could be configured to export a database in a format compatible with mcx8000 standalone controller and sc2900 or sc3700 players. So as long as this software could work with these players the firmware should be kept up to date. Continuing to offer updates even for a retired product, means that a company really stand behind their products quality.



In an answer given by Denon DJ staff to another user on this forum it is stated: “although SC2900 player is discontinued, stock is still available and the product will continue to be supported for the foreseeable future.” So, let’s hope that Denon will offer a future firmware update for SC2900 player to improve it’s operation.



Mate sorry but in my opinion Denon need too focus for the prime serie



I agree with you that Prime series should be improved and updated because it’s new and offer the possibility to help yourself using a visual waveform, but you can mix perfectly fine with any other player without visual representation of music, given the fact that you know your music very well and you like the old school style of mixing. If you work on vinyl you don’t have a visual waveform in front of you, but if you like you can engage DVS and benefit from a visual waveform. The same applies to SC2900 player which can be connected to a PC in midi mode to mix visually. Although you can not compare sc2900 player with one from the Prime series, it is still a very robust and good player to work on.



I agree. When something is up at full price and people buy it at that full price then they are perhaps right to think that a few firmware updates will be released for a few years after the initial launch of the thing.

But, once something’s be dropped to 30% off , or more , and has been out a few long years and has had a few firmware updates, then expecting more updates and more new features is IMO quite optimistic.

But,stranger things have happened



I don’t say that one should expect new features in a firmware update but at least should expect improvement or fixing the features that didn’t work as expected from the beginning.



i found a download link in poland