SC2000 - change LED colors?

Is there any way to change the LED colors of for ex. the CUE buttons on the Denon DJ DN-SC2000 ?

Traktor user here who wants to pump new life into those tanks :no_mouth:

You mean hotcues? Not without opening the unit. You can de-solder the orginal LEDs and replace with whatever color you want (if you can get the appropriate type of LED) This guy did it for HC1000s

Slay, you here xD No, I meant switching colors. So on CUE1 Orange, on CUE2 and CUE3 Green and CUE4 Orange. Then hitting the Sel. Button to switch to CUE5-8 and alter the colors again, So on CUE5 Green, on CUE2 and CUE3 Orange and CUE4 Green again.

Note: I’m working with Stewe to map the following Instant FX grid to the SC2000’s, since I’ll use my S8 for the Cues:

Not being totally into the schematics of the unit, while you could probably put in multicolor LED’s, you’d most likely miss the option of controlling them. Since they are single color LEDs, there is no reason anybody would have added the midi commands for changing their color. Technically it is even possible that there is no controller on board that can handle multi-color LEDs.

I guess if you are an electronics expert it would be an interesting project to figure out though :slight_smile:

Well, most buttons sure, arent multi-LEDs.

But I’m talking about the CUE1-8. Which have Orange AND Green LEDs. I’m not sure if that’s one and the same LED or 2 next to eachother. I wanna create a different sequence in this.

For ex. Green - Orange - Orange - Green on Cue1-4 and Orange - Green - Green - Orange on Cue5-8.

What’s your take on this?

For now, I’m using the Blink/Dim-states to create a visual change so I have 4 different states to map FX to (compared to just LEDs on, and Dimmed when pushed) See also:

I’m not 100% sure about this, so I could be wrong, but I believe on the 2000s the layers are set in the hardware, not by software.

So for example, when you change the layer, that button now sends an entirely different midi code. This would be instead of sending the same code, with the software also applying a mode-modifier if the layers were software controlled.

If I’m correct and it is hardware controlled, then you would need to edit the firmware of the unit to have the LEDs behave differently. I looked into a similar idea with a Vestax VCI-400 and it was shaping up to be a much bigger project than I was looking to take on.

The unit has separate orange and green LEDs for hotcues. You can simply switch the LEDs and you can achieve that, no need for midi mappings or tampering with the firmware (yes, layers and coresponding LEDs are set in the hardware).

But I have no idea why would you do that, hotcues are big enough to differentiate even when they are the same color. As you can see from the link, that guy did it only to color-match the SeratoDJ software.

Ahh, like achieving this by soldering the LEDs & swap them. Hmmm…

I want to achieve a different color-coding, so it’s visual more in the face, which Bank (of the 4) I’m working at. Since we’re ‘‘Instant-FXing’’ the CUE-buttons.

For now, I’m going with DIMMED state Orange (BANK 1) & Green (BANK 2). And BLINKED state Orange (BANK3) & Green (BANK 4) See also:

Hi, this is the only thread I can find discussing the DN-SC2000… I have an unrelated question but maybe one of you guys can help me out with.

I am thinking of buying a pair of DN-SC2000 off e-bay but I just wanted to make sure they are compatible before I purchase them. I am running a 2012 MacBook Pro 15’’ on OSX 10.13.6 High Sierra with Traktor 3. Any one running on similar or maybe even newer system? Are they compatible?