SC 6000's and continous and new problems

Alright all. Having some old and new issues. with the current three units i have left . I started having problems again with them restarting themselves during play, No to connecting to network or wi-fi, then losing connection with only certain online services. Not showing all of the tracks available and etc.

Tried all the usual fixes. At one point it seemed like a full reboot of all units and the x1850 gave me relief for about 8 days. Then problems started to return. I had internet checked twice with no issues and no problems with other devices. I was checking out all features and etc and now notice that you can be mixing in a track with same bpm and the two songs and the incoming deck will start to become slower rather quickly. I have to continuously keep correcting the wheel every 2 secs. I decided to try sync and the same problem happens. I tried doing this on all three decks and I get the same problem. with the same song from different sources.

Now, I have also reverted them back to 1.61 and get the same problem. I never had this problem before. I have one unit that restarts itself but it happens after about 30 minutes of on time play. The others do it after about an hour. Now when they restart everything comes back on line but its the restarting during a live set that is the concern. The freezing and having to push that on /off button hasn’t happened under 1.61

What do you all think?

Does your deck shut down and restarts or does a message appear saying ‘resetting’ without shutting down and you’re left with an empty deck?

Originally it would show (1) resetting and freeze, then they went to (2) just freeze or lockup and currently they will just (3) actually restart. Shutdown and load or restart back up

This can be (and usually is) just a case of wrong bpm info for one song. To test it you need to use the same song from the same source, not from different.

Sorry to hear of the trouble.

Restarting can be caused by corrupt media. Try creating a new drive with a small collection of tracks to see if the problem persists.

What type of USB/SD media are you using?

Is your X1850 updated to the latest firmware version 1.3?

Does the freeze/restart occur if the devices are not connected (via Ethernet) to each other or just when they are on the same network?

One last question.

Were you doing anything on your x1850 when this happened?

I have 3 SC6000’s too, and they have never reloaded once (I know I have just cursed them now though).

@JWiLL I have two internal drives. SAMSUNG 870 EVO and a Segate Firecuda Hybrid SSD. This were installed after issues the first three months with other drives. USB is Samsung and San Disc ( i don’t use them often). One of the decks restarting doesn’t have a drive on it. (2) the X1850 is 1.3 (3) the units have only been connected to the X1850 for networking. Originally in Aug 2020 I had to use a Switch to test all 4 Sc6000 and found one defective which was returned to vendor for same problem and new shipped out.

@SlayForMoney The song(s) have been tested on Wifi, hard line, USB, Internal, Beatport and Tidal. same and mixed for using the song(s)

@Wyley1 as far as x1850 I was either doing a straight two deck mix with and without effects from line channel and Fxs or I was doing a loop on one deck and mixing the other 2 decks in.

@subwax had the problem with 4 Sc6000’s


(1) I have changed the network cables 3 times to test. (original, cat 5 and cat 6) (2) using digital audio cables (3) had problems as far as restarting units during first four to 5 months i had units. Changed drives and cables and everything stopped. After latest firmware to units i started having problems again. I reloaded firmware to all units and stops for days and restarts. Reloaded Sc’s back to 1.61 this week. Going to test a set out. (4) dont know if using x1850 for audio is causing problem. I was sending audio out to audio interface for studio PC. Changed to X1850 for audio to PC few months back. (5) The BPM issue is new problem in last 2 weeks.

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Sorry to hear that - fingers crossed for you.

Owner of 2 SC6000s and 2 SC6000M’s. Regarding not properly connecting with WiFi and/or losing streaming service connectivity (Beatport Link): I have the exact same problem with 1 of my 4 units. I too have tried everything from reboots, various firmwares, power outlets you name it.

Problems range from simply not connecting to WiFi (endlessly trying to connect) to actually connecting to WiFi but then unable to load tracks from Beatport. I had a particular strange issue yesterday where a Beatport Link track was in process of ‘downloading’ and got stuck there, so I switched to USB as I was in a mix, and it wouldn’t let me load USB tracks either. Had to reboot the unit for it to even load tracks from my usb again… It took a few reboots for Beatport Link to work again, for now.

I have no idea what the problem is, it doesn’t effect my other 3 units. It might be magnectic interference? This ‘problem’ unit is located near a speaker and a ton of cables, whereas the others are not. So I’ll test that, but other than that I am out of ideas.