SC-5000 strange issue

What do you think about this? Latest firmware. The player react without touching … SC5000

Hey there, Can you be a bit more specific when you mean reacting?

Also - are you touching the platter when turning the unit on? If so, that should be avoided.

Hi. Sorry but the video is disappeared from the post:

In vinyl mode, without touching jog wheel, when his hand move of the top of jog wheel (without touching the jog wheel) the player stops or slow down the speed, or interrupts the song.

Can you try removing the protective plastic on your player’s platter and then resetting? That may be the culprit.

Also, the SC5000s require a proper ground connection for the platter to work correctly. Are you in a new location as well? It may be a ground fault.


Hello, yes quite would have to remove the protective film on the jogwheel. Pulls on the red tab on the left side of the video

When this happened to me it was my laptop charger bought a new charger problem solved.