SC 5000 Feezing / network issue after v1.0.3

Ive just updated my prime system to the latest firmware, I now have a deck that doesn’t seem to be connected to the network and even worse the player is freezing…has anyone else has any similar problems??



With the player that’s showing freezing symptoms, is it freezing even with a usb stick plugged into that deck itself, or only when it pulls tracks across the network from the other deck ?

Is the player that’s pulling the track across (deck 2)…I’ll check with a USB in deck 2 later to see if it freezes again

Ok so i got home from work and plugged usb into deck 2, all worked fine for about a minute then deck1 froze up?!

I hope you can offer a solution to this problem!!


How are you connecting the two SC5000s? Via the network hub on the x1800?

yes I’m using the x1800 hub

If it were something relating to the firmware then I think lots of people would be saying something g similar, which isn’t the situation.

Possibly a network cable or socket - try resetting the network connections on the mixer, relating to engine connect etc

so I’ve just attempted to have a mix, the players froze 3 times in 15minutes, i tried with the USB in each player and the other player froze…when i say froze what happens is the screen freezes but the player still functions and the music still plays…if it freezes while a song is playing

Cant say I’m too happy about this, I’m wasting a lot of time messing about with this when the players should just work

I’ve reset the network connections on the mixer after your last post and swapped the network cables

Ok. If you plug a USB stick or pendrive etc into EACH player, do you still get freezing?

If all is good with the above then move onto this step:

If you plug a network cable straight from left deck to right deck without going in and out of the mixer, does that work with just one USB drive?

What firmware (exact numbers please) is on EACH Player and on the mixer?

ok so this morning i plugged a usb into both players, got one track playing on deck2 while i got other track cued on deck1…started bringing in the mix and deck2 completely crashed and rebooted…this was while connected through the mixer hub…earlier i had tried connecting the 2 players to each other directly (no mixer) and the player that was pulling the track across had the screen freeze issue

firmware version on mixer - 1.1.1 players - 1.0.3

What are the results if you play from player 2 from its own USB stick?

If the player plays fine from its own USB stick but won’t network to the other deck directly or via the x1800 hub, and you’ve tried other network cables then one possibility is the network port on that particular SC5000 may require attention.

Ok thanks, so I’m assuming the players will go back to denon for a repair?

It’s unlikely to be both players. Just send the one back which won’t network. Check with a friendly local dealers SC5000 to see which of your players won’t network.

Do check first that both players are on the same firmware level - each player will have needed to have been upgraded individually.

I’ve just tried with all network cables disconnected, each deck has its own usb in and deck2 is still crashing and freezing and now its doing a weird light show where all lights on the player go in a startup pattern…its basically unusable

i’ll contact denon about returning it tomorrow

I have a similar problem like PaulR37 is describing.

The two players were connected between them and they were working fine. Now, I am experiencing freezings or lost of network connection of one of the players. The same problem when they are connected through the mixer hub.

I live in Argentina and i am not sure i have a dealer to return the equipment. What do you suggest? Thank you.

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I dont think that your description is firmware related. I’d suggest taking all/both network cables out and trying different network cables there.

If it were firmware then everyone who updated would be experiencing the same issue, and they’re not.

I’ve tried everything after this firmware update and the system is totally unstable. For example, I am experiencing lost of network connections after 2-5 mins of session in one sc5000. Another issue is one player is working as number 2, and suddenly this go back to number 1, the layer colors change automatically, with lost of the network connection. If not, i have freeze with instant reboot. This is independent of the mixer on/off. I installed the new firmware again just to avoid any software error. May I go back to factory firmware or a previous one? Just to discard firmware issues. Ive used either a different link cable that has been provided and nothing change and I have used different Usb drives. I bought the devices in US, but i live in Argentina. Do you have an official dealer for the warranty? Please, I need a solution as soon as possible.

I have also the same as paulr37, after updating to the latest firmware…