SC 5000 10000 tracks limit per drive

Hi , I want to buy a pair of sh SC 5000 but i read some articles that there is a 10000 songs limit per drive , this leading to tracks not appearing on display and link problems. Is it solved ?

not sure where you read that but its 100% false, I have an SSD with 40k tracks on it and it doenst skip a beat

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I have 70k tracks and no issues.

What is the maximum file size and database size that the SC5000 can support?

File Size:

The SC5000 will play files up to 250Mb remotely. Files over 250Mb must be played from the player that contains the media. Files under 250Mb will continue to play if the drive is accidentally ejected.

Database Size:

We recommend limiting the total track count to under 10,000 songs on a media source. Larger track counts may affect load/search/sort times. We recommend that you only add songs to a drive that you need for the show/night/tour. - from Amazon - Denon Sc 5000

@costi968 that information most likely is a left over from the days when the original SC5000 had a problem linking drives with databases over 2.4 Gb (which is the equivalent of around 10K of tracks fully analyzed).

This issue was fixed with firmware 1.02 (from the top of my head so don’t pin me) about 3 years ago.

My SC5000 performance drives (2Tb, ExFAT formatted MBR) holds 112K of tracks fully analyzed, and counting. No issues.

That was probably true before denon made big changes to the database structure. I’m using over 100,000 tracks on a single harddrive and have two of that drive plugged in for mirror purposes.

Notice it says “recommend”, it is not an absolute hard limit. And it is true that more tracks can affect search timings in some circumstances (there are other factors in play such as the speed of the drive etc).

Ok , thanks :slight_smile:

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