Saving Cue points in Serato DJ 1.9.6

What is the best way to saving cue points in Serato DJ.

I have some folders on my MBP like:

Folder A with 300 a 400 MP3 Folder B with 200 a 300 MP3 Etc.

Each time wenn i put new mp3’s in this folders, my cue points are gone. ?

Please let me now how i can do that on the best way.

then you either hit a bug or you library is seriously messed up. also make sure you have write permissions to the Serato_ folders. did you try an older version?

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I think a have make a mistake. I delete for example Folder A on my MCB. Than put a new Folder A with all the new mp3’s back on my MCB. When i open than Serato DJ the cue points in folder A are gone. What do i wrong. ?

serato saves things like cues with the files so if you delete the files and put another copy back in place the serato data is gone

Oké, i don’t need to delete Folder A on my MCB. And new mp3’s can i update in this folder etc.

In this folder i have numbert my mp3 like this way:

'001. Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You ’002. Kensington - Bridges Etc.

Sometimes i find a better quality of mp3 and want to changed this in this folder, for example i have numbert this as like:

'042. Martin Garrix - Byte in 320 kbit. The old mp3 is 192 kbit. Can i select all this mp3 files and overwrite this in Folder A for example or do i this one for one. And will this cap all the other cue points. !

you should read the serato docs and if you still have problems after doing so the serato forum would be the place of choice. this is not related to denon at all.

Serato saves the cue points and all meta data with the file itself. Sometimes when people send me files it comes with all of their cues already included. If you send me a message I can send you something to test with if you want.