Saving a set on a USB stick coming to the X1800?

The Prime 4 has a great feature in that it can save a set to a USB stick - will this be an option on the X1800? One step further, will we be able to save via Wifi?

I know the SC5000’s are WiFi capable - is the X1800 also similarly capable?

It’s a request I’ve made many times and I’m not sure if there are any bandwidth bottlenecks that would keep it from happening, but from what I can tell it should be doable. Pioneer did/does it with one of their cheaper mixers as well (DJM-350). Soooooo it seems it’s just up to Denon if they wanna make it happen. I would 100% love to have it as I do lots of cheer mixes and quick edits and it would be wonderful to just throw a USB drive in a slot and knock it out.

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If the Prime 4 can do it, surely the X1800 can, with the correct updates. They must share a similar hardware architecture, to a degree.

No USB A port on the X1800.

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A $3.00 adapter would do the trick. :slight_smile:

Also - we have plenty of USB A’s on the SC5000’s, in an adapter was not an option - for me personally, I’d go for the adapter option.

Apple usb camera adapter en recording/playing on an iPhone works, but that’s more like a soundcard of course.

You’d need the X1800 to send the master output over ethernet to the SC5000 which then has to write that audio to USB, whilst simultaneously processing (up to) two tracks of its own audio, and cues, loops etc. Quite a lot to ask of the SC5000! I don’t own the X1800 - I’m surprised it doesn’t have a USB A socket though.

Not to mention if streaming is used on the players, either through wifi (processing power) or hardwired through lan hub on the x1800 (bandwith + processing). You want features or stability?

Just another one of the good features they forgot to transfer from the pre InMusic Denon products.

Hmmmm. I’ve had other, much less powerful equipment do this (not near the CPU horsepower of our units) so I’d love stability too.

I dunno. We’re just wishing and dreaming here anyway. It would just be a super helpful addition. :slight_smile:

The architecture of the X1800 does not allow for direct recording. This is something we will look into adding in our next generation of mixers.

The X1800 only offers hardwired internet connection via Ethernet. Again, this is something we could add to our next generation of mixers.

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Well thanks for the official final answer on this. It’s a bum-mer but good to know it won’t be coming. Thanks!

P.S. How about an answer to why Bum-mer is a bad word here? :stuck_out_tongue:

The X1800 must be able to watch & interact with the data being sent through the ethernet switch built into it, though, otherwise the on-air stuff wouldn’t work.

It is not possible to send audio over Ethernet. If that is what you’re leading to.

Yeah, I don’t actually care about recording over cat-5 to a computer when you’ve got USB with ASIO & CoreAudio available, but that leads to the possibility of utilizing something like Dante or an open standard free version of Audio over Ethernet if the X1800’s DSPs and such could talk with the chips transceiving the on-air data from the SC5000s. Guess not in the case of the X1800.

Have you guys managed to get any iOS phones or pads to record over a USB cable from the X1800? Are there any drivers for Android available or in the works?

This is already working for some years.


Any Android drivers for those phones that can do the OTG cables to USB devices?