Save sort option

Hi ! I am moving from Rekordbox to Prime environment (waiting for my SC5000M/X1800 gear) and I have been playing with Engine Prime Software a bit to check my needs. The global impression is good and the software has really been improved since I first tested it (3 years ago I think). But… Comparing to Rekordbox, there is an “option” (or a feature) I would really like, a very simple one and to be honest, I am surprised it has not been implemented yet : When opening a playlist, the sort order is, by default, set to track position in the playlist, fine. I am used to browse my playlists in the from the most recent added track to the oldest one. To do so, I just click the column title in Engine Prime Software to invert sort, still fine. But when I switch to another playlist and get back to the first one, this sort order is not kept ! So, before making e feature request, is there any option to keep the sort order, by playlist or at least, globally ? (Globally would be fine, since it’s the behaviour in Rekordbox). Talking about sorting, it would also be great if the scrollbar position could be kept when changing the sort kind/order (again, like in Rekordbox). I can not check these options in the SC5000 decks, is it the same ? Are the sort options discarded each time you change playlist ? I would be very disapointing…

One last thing, I am importing my Rekordbox playlists in Engine Prime Software, but it has to be done one by one, whats a pain ! Is there any way to “multiselect” playlists ?

Thank you for your answers !