Save loops in hot cue spots

Coming from the Pioneer world, I was used to have a my hot cue pads used for hot cues and hot loops.

Could it be possible to record a loop position on a hot cue pad ? and obviously run it straight away by pressing the pad ?

The loops section is nice as it is today, but i find it easier to be able to record my loops and assign them in hot cue pads.



This is virtually the same as my request I think this needs to be added, give this post a like to help get it noticed:

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Forgive me if Im wrong here, but isn’t that exactly what the loop pads are for. You can save you loops to the pads there, all you have to do is change the pad mode. This works in Engine Prime as well, so if you set & save your loops in EP, they will be available on your pads in loop mode. Perhaps you are asking for something else that Im not understanding - sorry if I’ve got it wrong.

I “think” I finally just realised what you are asking for. The loop pads currently only activated or de-activate the loops, they don’t re-trigger every time you press it. I think this would be a very cool feature to have. Especially when used with acapella’s!!

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They meant hot cues and hot loops stored in the same 8 pads. Now to turn off/on the loops (and yes they’re non retriggables :frowning: as you noticed) you have first to switch to loops pressing “loop” button.