sata drive setup problem

im trying to setup and format.when i click computer mode it just stays on loading screen and laptop shows no prime software or drive on laptop

Hi @luke1210, welcome to the forum.

I suppose you’re on Windows. What do you see in Disk Management?

See some more info here:

i hear that.i saw vid on you tube which said when u click source on prime 4 screen you choose comp and then shoul auto open prime window to format the sata drive

It all depends on your computer, just like connecting a USB drive. Sometimes the drive letter is missing etc.

It has nothing to do with Prime software. It’s about what the operating system does.

my sata drive isnt even showing in devices

And you connected the blue USB3 cable to the computer? Installed the Prime4 driver, just to be sure?

Is it a brand new SATA drive that hasn’t been partitioned yet? If so Prime won’t see it. You need to Partition it then EX FAT format it.

Prime4 acts like a USB drive, so you can partition and format when connected in computer mode. Disk Management will see an uninitialized disk.

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Cheers all ive done it finally.allthough since installing it i noticed the ptime makes slight noise now like a very quiet also now beeps once wen powered never did untill installing sata this normal

If you have installed a Hard Disk (and not an SSD), probably the noise you hear is the rotation of the disk inside the HD.