SATA drive file system?

Having used my Pioneer MEP7000 for the last 10 years, I’ve finally upgraded (I hope) to a Prime 4 - the first Denon product I’ve used since a 2000 put scratches on my discs when it ejected them, but that was along time ago.

I bought it pre-loved for a very good price and it’s arrived today in a Swan flight case which weighs as much as a small moon :frowning:

Reading through the manual I can see that USB sticks have to formatted to FAT32 like the Pioneer (isn’t it about time that we got away from this outdated fomat)??

I want to install a SATA drive - and while the Appendix on SATA drive installation goes to great lengths about how to physically install a drive, it says nothing about the drives formatting.

So, can I leave the drive that I’m putting in NTFS-formatted or will I have to re-format to FAT or ex-FAT

Need to be formatted in ExFAT or FAT 32, MBR Partition structure

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