Sampling with push 2 set up

Hi. I trawled for ages through all the setup threads trying to find the answer which am sure is quite a simple one. If you weren’t a novice like me of course.

I want to start sampling using my setup with an Abelton Push 2 I recently aquired. I have a x1800, sc5000’s and the scarlett 2i2 and of course my laptop running abelton live. Could someone please advise as to which output/cable its best to use from the x1800 into the scarlett to record audio samples. The scarlett has single inputs for balanced xlr and 1/4 inch inputs. Much appreciated

Why to use scarlet when your x1800 is already a sound card and can send all channels separately to ableton via usb.

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Thanks for getting back. Its a wonderful resource here to have all these warm and welcoming folk who are always keen to help out.

Like alluded to am a novice. A now 50 year old who is just trying to learn a few new skills

I use the push and abelton in another room with headphones hence the scarlett being required. Hadnt occurred to me to go directly from the mixer to abelton to sample. I noticed that every push 2 sampling tutorial I could find seemed to have an external interface (without info re setting up).

Am guessing Abelton will just recognise the mixer then in settings. I’ll give it go then.

Many thanks again

If Your computer sees the mixer connected by usb, ableton will also see it. Go to ableton audio settings and check if it uses correct inputs and outputs that You need for Your recording. I don’t use Ableton, but the general idea behind this is same in any DAW… select the soundcard, rout it to your track/recorder in Your software, hit record. No magic here, simple and easy.

Thanks for taking the time mate, much appreciated indeed.

Ive tried usb 1 & 2 to the laptop but It seems abelton isn’t picking up the mixer as a sound card in its audio settings. Other interfaces such as the scralett were straight forward. Was just select from the drop down and go. There’s nothing in the x1800 utility menu im missing you think.

I would say i’d return the favour sometime but with this stuff its highly unlikely :wink:

Are You using mac or windows? If Windows, You would need an asio driver for the mixer. Check also how Your system detects the mixer.

Yeah am on windows. Theres an asio driver that it uses for my audio interface. Is there a separate asio driver i need to install for the mixer then? Thanks.

yes there is one. Download it here:

After successful installtion, Ableton Live will recognize the mixer. In Live configure Audio channels to use under the preferences tab.

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Nice one. Thanks v much for the help mate. I’ll get on this later this eve.

Much appreciated