Sampling rate and recording

Hello, Wondering if recording at 96 k is good sound quality even if some songs im mixing are 44.1 or 48k? Thanks

The SC5000 SPDIFs are only outputting at 96khz now, so your files are being upsampled already in the players… right now kinda badly, but it is what it is. If you’re recording the X1800 to some other sample rate, you can always set the mixer to a lower sample rate internal work setting to match the digital recording device or software, as some of those don’t do good realtime conversion. Some OS will require you to do this, anyway, if your OS and software want a certain setting.

The recording sounds great with both mixer and daw set at 96 but i can hear a big difference in the listening room between the sources i have that are not 96.
Im gonna try 48 and 44.1 to compare. Thank you for your help