Samples on the prime 2

Hi all Just purchased prime 2 and was wondering how are you managing playing samples ? I play reggae and dancehall so samples are very important, I’m thinking of sending unit back any help much appreciated

Why didn’t you check sampler/no sampler before purchase ? Lol

Anyway it’s easy with multiple decks

Just put all your samples into groups of 8 and record them onto one music track.

Load that track into a spare deck on prime 2 and assign a hot start pad to each of the 8 samples recorded in your track.

You can then fire the samples off by hitting the performance pad

Thanks for reply , tbh ive never known a controller not to have this feature :man_shrugging:t4: And with all the features the prime 2 has thought it would of been standard , do you have a spare layer deck with prime 2 aswell ?

Just the other deck

Yeah that’s what I thought :man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4::man_facepalming:t4: oh well better get my pioneer ddj1000 back out the box , it’s a shame cause I do like this controller thanks for replying bless up :facepunch:t4:

The Prime 2 is primarily a standalone device, not a controller. Never assume things - always do your research before dropping what is a relatively large sum of money.

Only if Denon/Serato/VDJ add Serato/VDJ support could you use it as a controller with a sampler, so for this you’ll have to wait and see if that comes.

Thanks for replying I do my research by trying the item out for myself Which is what I do always when buying things , just cause bob likes it doesn’t mean I will , And it wont cost me any money cause I’m goin to send it back and wait for maybe future updates or maybe something else will catch my eye .once again thanks for replying bless :facepunch:t4: