Sample Pads stay lit on all 4 buttons. Green Buttons

Not sure if this is a software issue with my laptop or what but I can’t seem to figure out the Sample Pads(green buttons) to get them to work. All 4 pads on each-side stay lit when switching from HOT CUES.

Any ideas?

Are the pads a different colour before you load them with Hot Cues? Which software are you using the MC6000 mk2 with? Which version of that software are you using?

Hi Gee, Using latest Serato(1.9.6) with Macbook Pro. i7 chip with 8gb ram. 2011 year. Hot Cues work OK, when switching to “Sample” it just has all the pads lit up green. When you press them, it just makes a quick sound, no real effect going on. It’s been going on for a couple of months now and I haven’t really tried to fix till now.