Same input specifications on Prime 4/2?

I need to connect external machines to a Prime console. Playing on big P.A.s so the quality have to be pro, but a the same time I have to keep weight and size down for travel…often without car.

The Prime 4 looks great but is too big. The GO is too limited, so the Prime 2 might be the compromise.

Is there any difference regarding the input specifications between the Prime 4 line channels and Prime 2 aux input?

I have tried to do my research, and it seems that the S/N ratio and headroom is equal. Can anyone confirm this?

The aux input on Prime 2 is described as “connect your smartphone” but As I read the spec’s, any line level source (external sampler) will work just as any normal mixer? I know there’s no EQ etc, but as long as I can prelisten that’s OK.

It’s really difficult to find online examples of similar setups.