Salutations! DJ Fuze from Montreal

Hi gang,

I’ve been a Denon user for a while! I’ve been DJing for 20 years. First Denon gear I’ve owned was a DN-2000 dual CD player. Later on I moved on to a DN-X1500 with a pair of DN-S3500’s. When I stopped doing clubs and big venues I sold it for a set of used DN-X100 and DN-S1000’s in a road case. Sold the gear, kept the case, put a DN-X120 with a pair of DN-S1200’s which I still own to this day. My main gear is a Native Instruments S4mkII which I have to say is the most adapted deck to my preferences. Traktor Pro is my favorite software but I also run VDJ on video and karaoke gigs. I hope the prime series will be Traktor compatible in HID mode.

I’m glad to see that Denon is out to reclaim it’s part of the pie in the DJ world. I hope to be part of the tradition. Can’t wait to hear the new (rebadged) powered speaker series.

Hey Fuze - greetings from down the highway in Ottawa!

Hi Todd! Greetings right back at you! Sorry for the late reply :wink: