?s about Denon SC5000 Prime + Serato DJ

Hello - When SC5000 (or pair of them) is used with computer running Serato DJ in HID mode…

…does loaded track’s large waveforms appear on center of SC5000’s display just like they do when playing tracks in Engine from USB, or does only the small waveform appear at bottom of SC5000’s display? Reason I ask is CDJ-2000NXS2 displays large waveforms when using connected to computer running Rekordbox DJ, and this is extremely helpful.

…does the SC5000 have built-in sound card that passes audio from Serato DJ out of SC5000’s analog and/or digital outputs, or is an external Serato SL interface needed between computer and mixer? (Mixer in this scenario is 100% analog and does not have built-in Serato-supported sound card.)

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.

  1. Small wave on the screen

  2. No sound is passed through the SC5k, you will need a Serato mixer or audio interface

Thank you. Do you or anyone else happen to know if full-size waveforms not working is in the process of being fixed or being added since it’s currently missing?

Considering Pioneer CDJ’s have had HID support in SDJ for years and nothing has changed in that regard you can almost be sure it will be the same for Denon players.

It’s just the level of support that Serato is willing to do for non-SDJ specific devices. If they wanted, they could have done it.

But unlike Pioneer CDJ’s, that gain additional features when used as controllers for DJ software, Denon models are designed to give that from the beginning in standalone performance so you really gain nothing using them that way (of course, other than easier track searching and not bothering to convert you SDJ library into Engine Prime). When Prime range gets the option to use linking with Engine Prime on laptop with ethernet, you won’t have any excuses.

Yeah it’s rather sad that they - Serato - choose to implement it this way. It’s no different to using a controller with no screens. Serato Face.

One very big excuse is Video Mixing :wink:

Sampler Dynamic/Flexible beat gridding Djing in multiple venues with multiple gear

Now now…you know it’s a matter of time before Engine gets those :wink: Of course, video mixing is another thing.

Stackable waveforms is another one.

I’m a vertical waveform guy myself.

I thought Serato guys love those because they can brag about not using sync while still not using ther ears to beatmatch? :smiley:

Of course you could use ie Resolume for Video Mixing on a Laptop while using the primes in standalone.

That’s an interesting solution, Would work for mixing and running visuals (festival style) perhaps using midi clock from the mixer or smpte.

The other end of the spectrum are djs playing regular music videos MP4 or Karaoke files. There is a strong contingent of guys like myself who offer such services so will continue to use software like SDJ+ME or Virtual DJ.

Lol. I’m in that camp. Those icicles above the waveforms are beat matching heaven especially during peak hour open format quick mixing :sunglasses:

Indeed. But about 7-8 years ago SSL users were obnoxious with those “Traktor is for beginners because of sync button” statements when every experienced DJ knew that half of SSL users were using that trick. How times change, don’t they? :smiley:

Serato Scratch Live beat matching aid wasn’t as obvious as the SYNC in Traktor or Virtual DJ.

Itch had Sync though.